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LEAD: Leadership Exploration and Discipleship

As a yearly meeting we are continuing to remain informed of safety guidelines related to COVID and will take these updates into account as we move forward with events planned for the spring and summer.  With this in mind, we are excited to have events on the calendar and will be sure to communicate updates to these events, as needed.

samuel-school-1LEAD is a youth program that has existed for many years and historically was divided into two different sessions. The first session was for middle school youth and the second session was for high school students. Over the years the focus of the curriculum has been the formation of habits that will help students grow in their spiritual lives, apply Scripture to their age group, and engage in a meaningful relationship with at least one adult Christian in their church community in order to develop the student’s leadership abilities.

​In recent years, we have held the middle school and high school retreats on the same weekend, allowing students to have shared experiences throughout the retreat, while continuing to have programming that was specific to their age group. This has been a great experience for all that attended. In addition to both sessions being held over the same weekend, the adult mentor was invited to come alongside their student, fostering the mentor/mentee relationship at the retreat.

LEAD will begin taking place every other year. This year (2022) will be an off-year. In 2023 we will have three tracks – one for middle school students, one for high school students, and one for youth leaders/mentors. Students that have attended a LEAD retreat in the past are eligible to attend again. We encourage local churches to send their youth leader, even if they are not serving as an mentor.

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