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Facility Use Agreement

Many churches rent out their facilities to outside groups, some to for-profit organizations, but mostly to non-profit organizations. It is important to have an agreement that protects you, your church, and NWYM. The NWYM Trustees has hired a legal firm to create a “license agreement” with verbiage in place to protect you, your church, and NWYM.

The word “license agreement” encompasses a variety of agreements such as “facility use agreement” or “rental agreement”; any agreement between your church and the other party who wants to use your facility for even an hour or for a much longer term.

This license agreement template is in both PDF and Word formats. The template is meant to be flexible, depending on the use of your facility. Also included is a helpful pamphlet called Factors to Consider and Checklists. These will help you as you negotiate your way through renting your facility.

    License Rental Agreement (PDF)  [VIEW/PRINT]

    License Rental Agreement (Word)  [VIEW/PRINT]

    Factors to Consider and Checklists (PDF)  [VIEW/PRINT]