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Job Openings

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Crossroads Community Church in Astoria, OR is seeking a Lead Pastor.

Mission/Vision Statement

As a family of Christian believers, we are committed to knowing God, sharing the Gospel and encouraging and supporting one another in our Christian growth.

Congregational/Community Profile

Crossroads Community Church has been part of the rural Community of Svensen (located approximately 12 miles East of Astoria) since 1957. Recognizing that Jesus Christ is the head of the Church, this is a place to grow in your relationship with God, build relationships with others, and to use your spiritual gifts by actively participating in the ongoing ministries of the Church and in the community.

Church Life in the Past Five Years

In the past five years Crossroads has expanded our outreach and built relationships within our local community. We conduct monthly business meetings, have committed active elder, steward and trustee committees. The property and facilities have been well maintained. A stable environment and good spirit is noticed by both members and visitors.

Ministry Opportunities at Crossroads Community Church and in the Communities of Knappa, Svensen, Burnside, and Brownsmead:

  • Children’s Church *
  • Cub and Boy Scouts chartered by Crossroads (currently inactive)
  • Community Easter Egg Hunt *
  • Community Dinner (Monthly) *
  • Community Preschool
  • GEMS (Grace and encouragement for Mothers) *
  • G-4 Barbecue *
  • 4-H Clubs
  • Knappa Food Bank
  • Knappa School District No. 4 volunteer opportunities include sporting events, tutoring, music, etc.
  • Knappa Volunteer Fire Department
  • NWYM Ministries
  • Crisis Pregnancy Center
  • Red Cross Disaster Relief Mass Care Shelter
  • Svensen Senior Center
  • Senior lunch in Svensen (Wednesday and Thursday)
  • Sunday School *
  • Tuesday Evening Bible Study *
  • Tuesday Food Give Away *
  • Vacation Bible School (currently inactive)
  • Website: crossroads-friends.org (currently inactive)
  • Wickiup Grange

Crossroads Community Church desires to be a light in the community; a Church body which demonstrates in everyday life the love of Jesus Christ. The Church desires someone who will help us in our pursuit of deeper expressions of faith in action, as we draw closer to God.

View/download the complete Pastoral Search document. [CLICK HERE]

Contact Sheri Posey for more information at (503) 338-9232, or email Sheri [HERE].

Greenleaf Friends Church in Idaho is seeking a Lead Pastor.

Dear Friend,

We invite you to prayerfully consider applying for the position of Lead Pastor for Greenleaf Friends Church.

Greenleaf Friends Church, a congregation of 150-200 participants is a member of Northwest Yearly Meeting of Friends. The church includes the Hispanic group, La Casa del Alfarero.

Our Vision is: To be a church that loves the Lord our God, listens to His voice, studies His word, obeys, holds fast, and shares His love. (Deuteronomy 30:20 Now choose life, so that you and your children may live 20 and that you may love the LORD your God, listen to his voice, and hold fast to him. For the LORD is your life, and he will give you many years in the land he swore to give to your fathers, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.)

Our Lead Pastor has served our community for 17 years. He is now looking forward to retirement. This is our reason for seeking a Lead Pastor.

The city of Greenleaf is growing, as is most of Idaho. Our current Lead Pastor has been preparing us to grow as a church body. If the community is growing, then we should expect growth in the church, if we are meeting the needs of the community. Part of our community is Greenleaf Friends Academy a K-12 Christian School on our property. We have committed to provide leadership and support to this ministry. We need to see growth in our church to effectively continue our support and involvement at the academy.

Our current conversation is that roughly doubling the number of participants at GFC will both allow us to meet the needs of our greater community and maintain a sound base from which the church can support Greenleaf Friends Academy. Beyond this we anticipate moving into church planting in the area. We are seeking a pastor who can assist us in this endeavor. We are praying for God’s provision and orchestration to make this happen.

Our long-term desire is to keep a balanced emphasis on our peoples’ faithfully seeking the Lord and our corporate commitment as a church to outreach and discipleship.

Trusting in Jesus,
Greenleaf Friends Church

View/download the application packet.


Applications will be accepted until March 31, 2022.

Questions and completed applications email to Dave Dixon.

Metolius Friends Community Church is receiving resumes for a full time Youth & Family Pastor

Metolius Friends Community Church

The selected candidate will be invited to work with the Church to identify a start date which would tentatively be set somewhere between October 1 – Nov. 1, 2022. To apply, please send a resume and a statement of faith to Pastor Jadon Ross by August 28, 2022. Please include three character/professional references with your resume.

Youth and Family Pastor Work Agreement

1) Metolius Friends Community Church, of Northwest Yearly Meeting of Friends, hereinafter designated as Church, hereby calls (employs) ______________ as a full time Youth and Family Pastor of said Church to serve and perform all such duties as are usually considered to be within the scope of the ministerial position for which this agreement provides and to serve and perform in a manner consistent with the Faith and Practice of Northwest Yearly Meeting of Friends, of which the Church is a part and in accord with the beliefs and practices of the Friends Church of Northwest Yearly Meeting.

2) The Youth and Family Pastor agrees to faithfully perform the duties assigned to him by the Church per this working agreement. The mutual responsibilities of the Church and “pastors and Christian workers” are described in the Faith and Practice of Northwest Yearly Meeting of Friends and are hereby incorporated by reference and made a part of this agreement as is fully set forth herein. All church employees will comply with church policies (abuse prevention policy, employee social media policy, etc.).

The purpose of this position is to serve the Church by providing leadership to the youth and family ministries of Metolius Friends Community Church, equipping our young people to know and follow Christ, to integrate into the life of the Church, and to find places of effective service and community outreach. They are responsible to the local Church through the Lead Pastor for all their work and leadership, and concerning all Church policies and matters of doctrine. They will agree to mentoring as the Church deems helpful. The Youth and Family Pastor is expected to serve 40 work hours per week. They will log and report all ministry related hours as requested by the Lead Pastor. Specific duties include the following:

a) Provide leadership for weekly junior and senior high youth meetings and activities including youth groups and potential small group meetings. In addition to teaching and worship leading with the youth, this shall also include, in cooperation with the Christian Education Ministry Team, the selection of curriculum and the development of the vision and purposes of these events.

b) Train youths on how to be future faith-filled leaders and set up programs to facilitate spiritual growth.

c) Identify, equip, train, come alongside and empower a team of adults who will partner with the Youth and Family Pastor in directly ministering to, teaching and leading the youth. This may include delegating responsibilities for activities including, Bible Quizzing, camps and other special events.

d) Seek creative opportunities to reach out to the un-churched junior and senior high youth in our community including involvement with the schools and other para-church organizations (IE Young Life) as possible. This can also include developing and maintaining effective relationships with various leaders in the community for purposes of swift outreach programs.

e) In addition to weekly youth group meetings, the Youth and Family Pastor is expected to plan at least nine additional event/gatherings per year for junior and senior high youth (example: for fun, outreach, fellowship and/or service).

f) Initiate regular contact with parents of youth in order to develop and maintain good communication and a natural and confident working relationship.

g) Develop one-on-one relationships with MFCC youth and their families through personal visits and regular communication. Look for teachable times and remain sensitive to the personal and spiritual needs of the youth and their families.

h) In partnership with the Lead Pastor initiate improvement and innovation to MFCC’s online presence (website/social media) and connection with the community. MFCC views this work as a vital bridge to and with our youth and families.

i) Assist in organizing and compiling of Children’s church & VBS curriculum and scheduling volunteers.

j) Preach on Sunday mornings as a help to the Lead Pastor; depending upon need as well as gifting. This is also a chance to grow in this area of ministry.

k) The Youth and Family Pastor and the Church agree to the following in fulfilling these duties:

1. Maintain appropriate communication with the Lead Pastor and other staff regarding youth programming needs and schedules. The Youth and Family Pastor will keep the staff informed of their planned activities and will consider their suggestions and counsel. Meet regularly with the Lead Pastor. Attend Christian Education Ministry Team & Elder Ministry Team meetings as an ex-officio member of the teams.

2. Participate in the life and goals of MFCC through active membership. Model and encourage MFCC church participation, particularly weekly worship and MFCC small group life.

3. Sign and abide by the MFCC Policy for Child Protection and Abuse Prevention.

4. The Youth and Family Pastor is expected to devote 40 work hours per week.

5. The Youth and Family Pastor will submit regular reports and concerns will be shared with the Church as follows:
a. Present written reports to the Christian Education Ministry Team and Elder Ministry Team
b. Quarterly written reports presenting an overall picture of the direction and health of Youth and Family ministry to the MFCC Meeting for Business
c. Other reports as requested by the Lead Pastor or the Elder Ministry Team

3) In consideration of the Youth and Family Pastor’s services, the Church agrees to the following financial arrangements:

a. To pay the Youth and Family Pastor a monthly gross salary of $__________. Each year thereafter (to be proposed by the Elder Ministry Team to the December MFCC meeting for business), the Church will review the Youth and Family Pastor’s gross salary. The Youth and Family Pastor’s monthly gross salary will be payable on the 25th day of each month for services rendered that month.

We can exclude from the Youth and Family Pastor’s compensation (for federal income tax purposes) a “housing allowance” (as defined by Code Section 107) to the extent it is used to pay qualified housing expenses. The approved “housing allowance” is to be recorded in the minutes of the Elder Ministry Team.

b. To pay the Youth and Family Pastor, in addition to the gross salary, a monthly professional expense allowance based on submitted reports. (A maximum of $4,000 per calendar year.) Each year thereafter the Church will review the Youth and Family Pastor’s expense allowance.

Allowable expenses (must be church-related) include: Vehicle use at standard mileage rate, entertaining parishioners or members of the community, conferences and other education costs, professional dues and subscriptions, office materials and supplies, teaching materials and supplies, equipment and miscellaneous pastoral resources.

The Youth and Family Pastor will be responsible to submit a monthly report to the Church treasurer, which will consist of records and receipts indicating the use of the professional expense allowance. The Youth and Family Pastor will not be compensated for expenses exceeding the said expense allowance unless otherwise agreed upon.

c. To pay 6% of gross salary ($220.00 per month) into the Youth and Family Pastor’s NWYM 401(k) retirement plan as an employer contribution. Employee contribution is an elective deferral in accordance with the retirement plan document.

To provide office administrative assistance for church and pastoral related work.

In consultation with the Lead Pastor and the Elder Ministry Team the Youth and Family Pastor may accept part-time additional employment.

4) The Church acknowledges the following arrangements for the Youth and Family Pastor’s service:

Vacation time each year plus 7 holiday days (New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve Day, Christmas Day). The Youth and Family Pastor may be expected to work on a given holiday day, but a different day off will be taken to compensate. The Youth and Family Pastor will work with the Church to arrange for ministry leadership in their absence. The Youth and Family Pastor will be allowed two weeks paid vacation each year. Paid vacation time must be taken during each calendar year. Vacation time does not accumulate.

Two days per week away from regular Church responsibilities.

Ten days sick leave per year, accumulative for sick leave purposes only. Any needed personal/bereavement days will be coordinated through the Lead Pastor.

Two weeks study leave annually, can be arranged depending upon circumstances.

Attendance at Yearly Meeting sessions, area conferences and camps, Focus Conference, Minister’s Conference, and for such committee meetings as may be required by these bodies.

A total of 5 Sundays away from the Church annually, including 2 Sundays for vacation and up to 3 additional Sundays for Yearly Meeting, Bible Quizzing, possible camp, conference or other commitments. If the occasion for more Sunday absences becomes necessary or desirable, the matter may be taken up with the Lead Pastor for approval.

A paid sabbatical for up to 8 weeks can be requested every seven years.

5) It is mutually agreed that the employment hereunder may be terminated by one of the parties hereto notifying the other of a desire for a pastoral change, and such notice will be given not less than two months in advance if possible.


Youth and Family Pastor ______________________________________

Clerk, Elder Ministry Team ____________________________________

MFCC Presiding Clerk ________________________________________

Lead Pastor ________________________________________________

Newberg Friends Church is receiving applications for a full-time Pastoral Position.

Newberg Friends Church is receiving applications for a full-time pastoral position with responsibilities in preaching, inter-generational and family ministries and evangelistic outreach. Email Ron Stansell for more information.

Know of any positions available?

Email Elizabeth Licon at the NWYM offices, or call Elizabeth at (503) 538-9419, ext. 112.