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2nd Street Community Church is seeking a Worship Arts Pastor

Worship Arts Pastor Job Posting

2nd Street Community Church

Becoming More Like Jesus Christ By Loving God, Loving People, And Serving Our World

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Hours per week: 20 – 25

Start Date: As soon as available

Compensation: $20,000 – $22,000

Reports to: Pastoral Team and Elders

Contact: Sue Pruitt at sue@2ndstreet.org for an application packet

Deadline: When position is filled

2nd Street Community Church is currently seeking a Worship Arts Pastor with a heart to serve and lead others in worship. This is a permanent part-time position with flexible scheduling.

Qualifications: We are looking for someone who has a vibrant and growing relationship with Jesus Christ and a biblical understanding of how to communicate spiritual truth through the arts. Musical proficiency on a lead instrument and experience leading a band and vocalists in groups or individually is required. Applicants will have a solid knowledge of contemporary and traditional worship music and be able to build teams to lead the Sunday gatherings in music and singing. Applicants will have the ability to arrange charts for various and diverse instrumentation in order to utilize the broad spectrum of musicians presently on our team, and format music to be singable, and approachable to those who gather. Applicants will have the ability to work with artists and actors to incorporate dramatic and artistic expressions of worship into our gatherings. Applicants must embrace the mission and heart of 2nd Street.

Core Competencies of All 2nd Street Pastors:
The 2nd Street Worship Arts Pastor will be an integrated member of the pastoral team at 2nd Street. This position will be reviewed on an annual basis through a peer review process administered by the other members of the pastoral team and reported for approval to the elders.

The Worship Arts Pastor will:
1. Model servant leadership, spiritual and relational wholeness. “Walk the talk.”
2. Motivate the community to Christlike transformation. “Let’s become more like Jesus Christ by Loving God, Loving People and Serving Our World”
3. Cast vision and turn vision into action. “Dream big and DO something!”
4. Empower members of the church community to do the work of ministry. “Perpetually work yourself out of a job.”
5. Encourage members of the church community as they minister. n“Rejoice when the spotlight is on someone else.”

Shared Pastoral Responsibilities:
1. Discern together ways to help disciple the body into living out the mission more fully. Discuss ideas with staff and discern together the best ways to implement missional thinking and activities together.
2. Disciple groups and individuals within your sphere of responsibility by suggesting resources to help foster growth in their relationship with Jesus, each other, and the greater Newberg community.
3. Connect with visitors via both phone and/or email as the ministry support staff and or 2nd Street members make you aware.
4. Participate in the annual 2nd Street Staff retreat.
5. Attend staff meetings.

Worship Arts Pastor Sphere of Responsibility and Duties:
The Worship Arts Ministry uses music, drama, and the applied arts to bring praise to God, to portray His attributes and character, to share Biblical truths, to express devotion and love to Him, to experience His conviction, and to bring people into relationship with Christ. Our worship is offered to GOD, and WE
are changed in the offering. Through diversity in people, style, and delivery, the Worship Arts Ministry exists to accomplish the purposes of the Triune God, being obedient to HIS leading as the source of all creative arts.

The Worship Arts Pastor will:
1. Provide, or equip others to provide, musical, artistic, and theatrical expressions of worship on nSunday mornings, and to rehearse with the various teams during the week.
2. Promote excellence in the performing arts, the technical arts, and the applied arts by building teams who are skilled and gifted.
3. Mentor team members to increase in musical skill as well as Christ-like, healthy interaction with team members and congregation through their shared worship experience.
4. Model freedom in worship and encourage others to experience this freedom by bringing diversity in style, instrumentation, delivery, and people groups.
5. Integrate our young people into the Worship Arts Ministry to prepare them for leadership roles in their faith communities.
6. Responsibly plan and manage the approved budget for Worship Arts.
7. Communicate with the Ministry Support Manager to ensure that lyric sheets and song slides are prepared for each Sunday.
8. Finalize and produce the “order of worship” for Sunday services and make it available to the ministry support staff for dispersal.
9. Collaborate with the 2nd Street technical teams to manage maintenance of equipment for sound nand visual uses.
10. Approve purchases and expenditures as needed.
11. Worship arts pastor will be responsible for the appearance and arrangement of the worship space non Sunday mornings.
12. Keep Planning Center software up-to-date to insure worship teams and sound techs have correct information for upcoming services.

Chandler Friends Church is seeking a full-time Lead Pastor.
Lead Pastor (full-time) Job Description

Mission Statement: “Chandler Evangelical Friends Church, as a community of believers in God the Father, Jesus Christ the Son, the Holy Spirit, and the Bible as the infallible word of God. Chandler Friends Church is committed to demonstrating the love of Jesus, by investing in the lives of people and intentionally equipping each other to continue that commitment, thereby making disciples one by one in order to take the whole gospel to the whole world.”

Pastoral Ministry at CFC: The pastor of Chandler Friends Church will partner with the ministry leaders and committees to accomplish the unified goal of leading the church body in building meaningful relationships with Jesus Christ. The pastor will promote and encourage Friends doctrine, while creating an atmosphere of spiritual formation by teaching and leading individuals to become disciples of Jesus Christ that are prepared to share the gospel with the church body, community, and the whole world.

Accountable to: Executive Committee

  • Work Schedule: Full Time Position
    The weekly hours of this position vary in nature and are not expected to be entirely in the office.
  • Office hours can be used for, but are not limited to, the following: meeting with people for counsel and discipleship, ministry preparation, visiting members in homes or hospitals, worship team practice, attendance at community and church events, and leadership developments.
  • This position offers a personal sabbath on a consistent weekday of choice.


  • Must have 4 years of full-time ministry related pastoral experience and/or ministry degree.
  • Must be passionate about serving Christ and His church.


  • Provide spiritual counseling to the church body and leaders in order to deepen relationships with Jesus Christ.
  • Be actively involved with teaching individuals to become disciples.
  • Be involved with the Clerk and Church Committees in accordance with the Faith and Practice (Part 3, Ch.II, Section 1).
  • Prepare Scripture-based sermons to be delivered weekly.
  • Be available to help facilitate small groups and/or classes.
  • Participate in the local Ministerial Alliance, as well as be available for church outreach events.
  • Have a basic knowledge of the technologies used and/or a willingness to learn new programs.

[DOWNLOAD] the job description.

If you are interested in this position, you are invited to send a resume via email to chandlerfriendschurch@gmail.com.

Colorado Springs First Friends Church is seeking a part-time Pastor.

Colorado Springs First Friends Church is seeking a part-time Pastor.

To apply, please forward your resume and a cover letter expressing your interest in the job to Merle Clowe, clerk of the pastor search committee, at scrubbyjr@gmail.com.

Colorado Springs First Friends Meeting 2021

The First Friends Church of Colorado Springs exists to Love, Mend, Train, and Send God’s people as we receive or connect with them. We like to call this our DNA as we develop ideas for more effective ministry.

We support one another in prayer as we love, mend, train, and send. Our worship services include a Prayer and Praise time for sharing testimonies of praise as well as prayer for those in need. Open worship is also a major part of our worship experience. A weekly email prayer chain and other avenues of support that are available to our Friends community.

The First Friends community thrives when we share by way of small groups sessions, worship, and fellowship within the framework of our ministry. We see effective ministry within our church family as we engage in small groups for study, fellowship, and mutual minded outreach efforts.

Loving inclusion with the intent of integration into the body of Christ is the foundation of our programming, structure, and outreach. It is always our hope to welcome new people into our family of Friends as we function within our DNA, and ministry structure.

The purpose of this job, in harmony with the Executive Board and with agreement with the RMYM Faith and Practice, is to help develop and maintain a spiritually vital ministry within the church. This will include the normal duties of pulpit ministry and coordination of the vision and ministry practices of First Friends. The concept would be to equip the body to function in ministry in the manner of Ephesians 4:12.


Worship Services

The Pastor in cooperation with the “Worship team,” for the overall planning and coordination of the worship service, seeking the guidance of the Holy Spirit to set high spiritual standards in keeping with the Evangelical Friends’ perspective in worship. The concept is again to employ the giftedness of those of our fellowship to “partner” together in worship and church life ministries.

Congregational Care

The Pastor in overall cooperation with the “care team” for visitation, hospital calling, counseling (as gifted), and visitor follow-up, along with the assistance of other members of the Executive Council.

Developing the Ministry

The Pastor shall engage in activities that help equip, partner with, and encourage members of the congregation to minister both inside and outside the church, through sermons and other regularly scheduled activities. By keeping in close contact with the secretary, he/she will be aware of all church activities, ensuring an up-to-date church calendar is maintained.


The Pastor shall meet regularly with the Executive Board. The Pastor serves as a resource in support the other teams and committees of the church as appropriate. The pastor is to be the local church representative to the RMYM Elder Board.


This position is part-time on a monthly salary. The expectation of hours is approximately 20 per week, including Sunday Service(s). A parsonage is not available, and housing will need to be worked out between the pastor, Executive Board, and Trustees.

Please submit resumes, contact information, and questions to Merle Clowe at scrubbyjr@gmail.com or (719) 271-4501 (leave message)

Deadline for resume submission July 31, 2021.

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Crossroads Community Church is seeking a Lead Pastor.
Email Vicki Sullivan for more information.
Greenleaf Friends Church is seeking a Lead Pastor.

View/download the Lead Pastor Materials.

Email Susie Pemberton/Administrative Assistant for more information.

Melba Friends Church is seeking a part-time youth pastor.
Half-time (with full time available in time or part-time negotiable)

Reports to: Senior Pastor and Spiritual Life Committee (Elders)

Compensation: $500-$1000 monthly depending on qualifications and time


  1. Adequate experience in working with youth in a youth ministry setting
  2. Bachelor’s degree in ministry or Biblical studies (preferred but not required).
  3. Demonstrate gifts and calling to youth ministry, care for youth, a passion for discipleship/spiritual growth and outreach to non-Christian youth.
  4. Self-motivated and capable leader relating to connecting with youth, parents and staff.
  5. Agreement with and abiding with Melba Friends Church (and NWYM) statements of faith.
  6. Agreement with and abiding with Melba Friends Church (and NWYM) child-abuse prevention policy
  7. Consistent witness and evidence of faith and prayer life.
  8. Strong understanding of scripture and core doctrinal beliefs
  9. Good personality based on fulfilling needs to connect with youth, church and community.
  10. Support and cooperation with other church pastors and leaders.

Job Summary

The Youth Pastor will lead and organize effective ministries with middle school youth group, high school youth group, Sunday morning class (bi-weekly or monthly) and be a part of connecting (potentially leading) a young adult group. This will involve connection and participation (as needed) to church camps, mission trips, student leadership retreats (if applicable) and regular church attendance.

Goal of each ministry is to prepare and equip young believers to grow in their faith through spiritual disciplines and involvement in the Christian community. Secondary goal of each ministry is to reach unsaved youth through connection and outreach. Youth ministries should be balanced with fun activities (approximately 7 activities outside of normal church and youth group activities), relational development and teaching towards spiritual understanding and growth in Christ.

The Youth Pastor will also need to maintain positive connections with parents of youth and church leadership. These connections will maintain updates on strategies, events, and other important information deemed necessary.

The Youth Pastor

  • will work to recruit, equip, and partner with volunteers in each ministry area.
  • will be given an expense account and be expected to oversee all costs and budgets effectively.
  • will participate in staff meetings, Spiritual Life meetings and church business meetings.
  • other duties as required and requested by the Lead Pastor or church leadership.

To apply: Send resume explaining qualifications along with at least three references (teacher, pastor, other adequate reference).

If you are interested to learn more, please contact Chris Hinderliter.

View and download this document [HERE].

Paonia Friends Church is seeking a Student Ministry Pastor.

Our Mission

https://www.dropbox.com/s/yxqvqkh8xzr4yly/201130%20Paonia%20Student%20Ministry%20Pastor.pdf?dl=0We are becoming people who love God, love others, and serve the world.

Our Vision

To become a people where every believer, as a part of God’s community, passionately responds to Jesus’ call to take the Gospel to all cultures for the sake of the King and Kingdom.

Our Core Values

We seek to have all church ministries aligned to our core values. (These are currently being refined and developed–you may ask for our latest version of these values from Chris Stanfield)

Position Purpose Statement

Partner with families to

  • Lead Junior High and High School students into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ.
  • Encourage spiritually developing teenagers to be an active part of the body of Christ.
  • Work with the Lead Pastor to create an atmosphere of transformational discipleship within our PFC families.

Reports to

Lead Pastor

Work Schedule

Full Time Position

  • The weekly hours of this position vary in nature and are not expected to be entirely in the office.
  • A balance of time spent between events, school campus events, visitation, ministry prep, leadership development, office hours and personal spiritual health and family.


Parents and Families

  • Connect with parents to understand the needs of each family.
  • Develop ways for the church to come alongside families to help all family members thrive.

Student Ministry

  • Provide opportunities for spiritual growth of Junior High and High school students (inside and outside the congregation) by coordinating activities including, but not limited to, the following:
  1. Weekly small group bible studies
  2. Large group fellowship activities
  3. Spiritual retreats
  4. Mission trips
  5. Community service opportunities
  6. Denominational conferences and camps
  • Meet with students on a one by one basis to provide prayer, support and counsel.
  • Encourage and equip students to serve in all phases of church life to create a church that is intergenerational, striving to unite our community of believers.

Youth Ministry Volunteer Staff

  • Recruit, train, coach, supervise and encourage volunteer adult staff who will share in the leadership of the Junior High and Senior High youth ministry.

Church Leadership

  • Work together with Lead Pastor and staff.
  • Provide counsel and feedback to Lead pastor and staff.
  • Act on behalf of Lead Pastor in his absence, as needed.
  • Assist with other duties as required by the Lead Pastor.
  • Help develop worship culture at PFC under the guidance of the Lead Pastor
  1. Within the youth
  2. Provide opportunity for worship and development of gifts to lead others in worship.
  3. Within corporate worship times of entire PFC gatherings
  4. Set the worship leader schedule and help facilitate a unified vision of corporate worship creating participation in PFC’s heartfelt worship of Jesus.
  5. Provide support and encouragement to worship leaders and members of music, sound and presentation teams.
  6. Be able to share the responsibility of worship leading as needed so the responsibility doesn’t become overwhelming for any one leader.


Seek out opportunities for spiritual growth and refreshment


  • Must have 4 years of full-time ministry related pastoral experience
  • Must have directed in Student ministries with a successful track record
  • Must be a team player with a high energy level
  • Must have the ability to plan, budget, and delegate
  • Must be able to lead teams and recruit volunteers
  • Must be passionate about serving Jesus Christ and His church

Please send resumes to:
Pastor Chris Stanfield

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Twin Rocks Friends Camp is Seeking a volunteer Harbor Villa Caretaker

Twin Rocks Friends Camp

Harbor Villa Retreat Center Volunteer Caretaker

Position Description

Twin Rocks utilizes volunteers to serve as on-site hosts at its beachfront Harbor Villa Retreat Center, a 50-bed facility one mile north of Twin Rocks’ main camp. The caretaker works 30-35 hours per week (which can be split between a couple) welcoming and assisting guests, supervising housekeeping, and undertaking laundry, gardening, and maintenance tasks. Twin Rocks provides housing, utilities, and many meals, in turn for a 2-year commitment.

Purpose of the Position: This position is primarily: (1) to act as host to our guests before, during and after their stay at Harbor Villa; (2) to welcome guests and provide a Christ-honoring friendly atmosphere, information, and service; and (3) to keep the Harbor Villa facilities and grounds neat, clean, attractive, in good repair, well maintained and safe.

Essential Responsibilities: Be the primary overseer of Harbor Villa, taking ownership by ensuring the upkeep and well-being of all aspects of Harbor Villa—guest services, facilities, grounds, and overall cleanliness and excellence

  • Greet and act as host for guests during their stay: live onsite and be on the premises for all guest arrivals, departures, turnovers, and overnights unless approved by the Harbor Villa Coordinator.
  • Respond to guests’ needs as they arise during their stays.
  • Collect final payment from guests prior to departure.
  • Oversee housekeepers, ensuring that all housekeeping is completed according to Twin Rocks standards. Communicate with Housekeeping Coordinator regarding supply needs or staffing concerns.
  • Undertake laundry tasks, ensuring that all laundry for the Harbor Villa facilities is completed satisfactorily and in a timely manner.
  • Ensure that all Harbor Villa facilities are maintained, by assessing repair needs and communicating these to the Facilities Director, prioritizing those needing immediate attention vs. those that can be completed within a specified time. Oversee monthly visit of maintenance personnel by communicating repairs as identified. Undertake the repair/upgrade of certain Harbor Villa equipment/facilities as able, under the direction of the Facilities Director.
  • Ensure that all Harbor Villa outside grounds are effectively maintained: lawns, flower beds, fire pit, walkways, and parking lots. Conduct adequate weeding and mowing based on the schedule established by the Facilities Director (and overseeing other staff in completing these tasks when the need arises).
  • Meet once a week with the Harbor Villa Coordinator and once a month with the Facilities Director to allow communication of needs and expectations.

Minimum Requirements/Qualifications

  • An attitude of service and a commitment to Twin Rocks Friends Camp and its ministry
  • An evangelical Christian commitment and lifestyle consistent with organizational goals, including a signed agreement with Twin Rocks statement of faith and community responsibilities
  • An ability to communicate effectively in person and on the phone
  • An ability to undertake “essential responsibilities” above in a friendly, respectful, detail-oriented manner.
  • Maintain a viable, growing relationship with Christ and exemplify that relationship in daily life.

Skills and Abilities

  • An ability to work with other staff in planning logistics and other decision-making.
  • Be self motivated and anticipate the needs of our staff and guests.
  • An ability to handle multiple projects and issues at the same time and yet maintain a positive, friendly attitude with staff and guests.
  • An ability to use a computer and successfully navigate the camp’s database system.

Physical Demands

Generally be in good physical condition and have an ability to lift up to 25 pounds.

Associated Duties

Various duties as assigned.

OPTIONAL PAID POSITION OF HARBOR VILLA SPECIALIST: If they so wish, in addition to the duties outlined above, the Harbor Villa Caretaker may choose to serve in a separate, paid position at Twin Rocks: Harbor Villa Specialist. This part-time position pays an hourly rate and includes the role of housekeeper. [To clarify: The volunteer Harbor Villa Caretaker position includes overseeing the work of housekeepers, and the paid Harbor Villa Specialist conducts housekeeping duties.]

To apply or seek more information, email LeAnn Beebe, Volunteer Coordinator, or call LeAnn at 503-355-2284.

Download the Position Description.

Vancouver Friends offers transition house
Vancouver First Friends Church has partnered with The Table PNW, and generously allowed the parsonage on the church property to be used as a transition house for men who have successfully graduated a faith based recovery program. Residents will have a safe, accountable environment to live in. Also they will be guided through continued healing from the source of their addiction, job finding, money management, and many other related things. If you know someone who is graduating a program soon and needs help with the next phase please contact Pastor Geoff 360-600-0128. Space is limited. If you would like to help support the ministry, please check out The Table’s website at http://tablepnw.org/.

Know of any positions available?

Email Elizabeth Licon at the NWYM offices, or call Elizabeth at (503) 538-9419, ext. 112.