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Abuse Prevention Resources

The following items are abuse prevention resources for local churches in Northwest Yearly Meeting.

     NWYM Abuse Prevention Standards (distributed July 18, 2021)

Mandatory Abuse Prevention Standards (MAPS)

     Mandatory Abuse Prevention Standards

NWYM Recommended Abuse Prevention Policy

(more comprehensive/includes MAPS)

     NWYM Abuse Prevention Policy (updated September 1, 2016)

Obtaining a Criminal Clearance

If your church has not yet set up a system to run national criminal clearances contact criminalinfo.com. This company can help establish an account to fit specific needs to run the appropriate checks. They are easy to work with via phone or email.

Another option would be to contact your church’s liability insurer for a recommendation on where to obtain national criminal checks.

Approved Abuse Prevention Training

The approved training for all primary leadership is from ministrysafe.com. The training is available in both English and Spanish. Click the link below to input names, roles, and email addresses of all primary leadership requesting the approved training. NWYM will then send an email with access to obtain the required training. If you are offering training in a group setting, each person will still need access to the training in order to take the required quiz.

Click to request access to required training

Supporting Forms for Local Church Use

These PDF and fillable forms can be updated confidentially and printed. If you require a different format please contact the NWYM office at info@nwfriends.org.

Form 1Screening form for children and youth workers (fillable form)
Form 1Screening form for children and youth workers

Form 2Applicant Interview Form & Applicant Statement (fillable form)
Form 2Applicant Interview Form & Applicant Statement

Form 3Reference Contact Form (fillable form)
Form 3Reference Contact Form

Form 4Suspected Child Abuse Report (fillable form)
Form 4Suspected Child Abuse Report

Form 5Accident Report Form (fillable form)
Form 5Accident Report Form