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Fraternal Organizations

Estate Planning

“The creation, conservation and utilization of assets to secure a maximum benefit during retirement and once a person passes away.”

Whoever you are and regardless of the size of your assets, it is important to thoroughly plan your estate.

  1. Set the priorities of your estate plan.
  2. Become familiar with the estate planning tools available to you
  3. Gather all the necessary and pertinent data you will use in your estate plan.
  4. Seek competent counsel for technical assistance and drafting of legal instruments.

evangelical-friends-mission-logo​Evangelical Friends Mission

EFM can be described as a team of missionaries located all around the world. We play with the skills, gifts and experience God has given us and within the cultures where we live and work. As we seek first God’s kingdom we release missionaries to play within the four boundary lines of our mission (and we talk about a “soccer field” as an analogy). These boundaries help us make disciples and plant groups of churches that will go on to reproduce themselves. They also promote unity and creativity. [LEARN MORE]

Friends Church Extension Fund

Available to members, associates, friends, congregations and organizations of the Northwest Yearly Meeting of Friends Church. For information on investing with the Friends Church Extension Fund, contact the Yearly Meeting office at (503) 538-9419.

[VIEW/DOWNLOAD] Friends Church Extension Fund rate information.



Volunteers on Wheels (VOW)

Members of VOW use their individual skills to help churches, camps, schools, missions and other Christian enterprises with construction, renovation, remodeling, teaching and other areas of need. Many Vow members are retired RV owners, but the service opportunity is open to all interested persons.