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Friends Men

Our purpose is to…

  • keep our eyes on Jesus
  • find our identity in Jesus
  • listen to the Holy Spirit
  • bear witness to how Jesus makes a difference in our lives

…so that Jesus may make a difference in the lives of others.
…to become conformed to the image of Jesus Christ. Romans 8:29
…to go into all the world and tell the Good News to everyone, everywhere. Mark 16:15 (LB)

Man Camp at Quaker Hill

End of February – Take a break from your busy schedule and spend three days in the mountains relaxing and refocusing on the Lord in a Christ-centered environment!

Man Camp at Twin Rocks


End of September – Join us at the Oregon Coast in September for a wonderfully unique Men’s Retreat, where we’ll combine the comforts and quality of a top-notch weekend retreat with the rugged outdoorsy flair of an old fashioned camp-out with good friends.

Activities: The weekend will abound with great activities including our new 700-foot dual zip-line and climbing wall! We’ll enjoy our traditional camp favorites including kayaking, archery, paddle boarding, beach walks, and dodge-ball. And we’ll take time to relax and simply enjoy meaningful time with friends.

Worship: Retreat speakers will challenge us spiritually, and send us back to our camp-out locations with opportunity to engage in meaningful small group campfire discussion.

Food: And we’ll eat a lot of amazing food including seafood, s’mores, and bacon!

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