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Annual Report Forms

If you have been requested to fill out one of our annual reports you can find that form on this page. Please select the form you are responsible for. You can print them, hand-write the answers and send them through the mail. 

Thank you for taking the time to complete each form. These forms are used for a variety of purposes at the yearly meeting level. We expect each form to be completed to the best of your church’s ability.

Church Forms

Due June 15 of each year.

Recorded and Licensed Ministers Report Forms

Due June 15 of each year.

  • For RECORDED ministers  (full or part-time or bi-vocational, on-staff or retired, traditional and non-traditional)
  • For LICENSED ministers (for those who receive an annual license or certificate of ministry from NWYM). Please note, we also require a minute from the clerk of elders of an elders meeting at the local church to affirm the approval for this person to be licensed as a minister. Please use the link below to submit your minute.