Representative Resources


NWYM Superintendent: Jim Le Shana —

NWYM Clerk: Ken Redford  —

NWYM Assistant Clerk: George Crosiar  —

Request to be on the NWYM Representatives e-mail listserve: Reps List Request

Forms & Resources

2014 Midyear Boards Reps Agenda

2013 Yearly Meeting Agenda

2013 Portland Area minute on unity

2013 Midyear Boards Registration

2012 Yearly Meeting Agenda

Letter to Representatives 2012

Discussion on Human Sexuality 2012

Representatives Position Description

Nomination Forms

YM Vision, Mission and core Values statements

How to be a Rep (by A. J. Ellis)

2012 Reps Midyear Boards Letter, including agenda (from Tom Stave, clerk)