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Friends Center Friends Center Brochure (pdf)

Established by the Northwest Yearly Meeting of Friends Church in January 2003, the Friends Center exists to help recruit, train and mentor leaders for Friends in the Northwest and beyond, and to help Friends leaders find their particular place of vital ministry.

The Center’s mission is carried out in two venues: 1) on the campuses of and in cooperation with George Fox University and George Fox Evangelical Seminary, and 2) in the church buildings and meeting places of Friends around the Northwest.

In coordination with George Fox University, the Friends Center works with Friends students by offering Friends-specific courses, seminars, and mentoring opportunities. Seminary students are teamed with churches for internship opportunities as a way to give practical experience to students. In addition, scholarship programs are being developed to assist individuals in meeting their educational goals. Here are two resources that will help with the scholarship process:

Scholarship Guidelines: PDFWord Document

Scholarship Application:PDF — Word Document

As a part of Northwest Yearly Meeting, Friends Center offers seminars and training to Friends leaders in their own congregational settings, and in larger gatherings for Friends.

To register for course credit or continuing education, please visit the George Fox Evangelical Seminary webpage for more info. If you would like to take a course for personal enrichment please use our Friends Center Online Registration form, or contact Paul Almquist (below) for more information.

Director: Paul Almquist

Friends Center
12753 SW 68th Avenue
Portland, OR 97223-8355
Phone: 503-554-6151

Degrees offered at George Fox Evangelical Seminary