Annual Report Forms

If you have been requested to fill out one of our annual reports you can find that form on this page. Please select the form you are responsible for. If you use the online form, you will not have to worry about the math! (Plus it ports it directly into a spreadsheet for us). The online form can also be printed for your own records.

Thank you for taking the time to complete each form. These forms are used for a variety of purposes at the yearly meeting level. We expect each form to be completed to the best of your church’s ability.


CHURCH FORMS, due June 15, 2019

Church Financial Report (This report is being revised.  We will notify the church when the form is ready to be completed by the treasurer.)

Church Directory Form  (Secretaries: To list your staff and clerks and officers)

Statistical Report for churches/monthly meetings (If you have a church Statistician, otherwise, Secretary please do this one)

Congregational Care Information Report (this is new and will be used to prepare the memorial service and recognitions during Yearly Meeting sessions that were previously collected through emails)

State of the Church Elders’ Report (Clerk of Elders, please share using this form)

 Christian Education Annual Report (for the Clerk of Christian Ed Committee)



For RECORDED ministers  (full or part-time or bi-vocational, on-staff or retired, traditional and non-traditional)

For LICENSED ministers (Those who receive an annual license or certificate of ministry from NWYM)