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Samuel School

samuel-school-1Samuel School is a youth program that has existed for many years and historically was divided into two different sessions.  The first session was for middle school youth and the second session was for high school students.  Over the years the focus of the curriculum has been the formation of habits that will help students grow in their spiritual lives, apply Scripture to their age group, and engage in a meaningful relationship with at least one adult Christian in their church community in order to develop the student’s leadership abilities.

A Samuel is a student who, as discerned by the leadership of the local church, has the potential to grow into a spiritual leader.

An Eli is a mature adult Christian from the local church who is willing to commit to an extended relationship with the student to help them process through and apply what they have learned from the weekend.

In 2019 both sessions were held over the same weekend, allowing for middle and high school students to have shared experiences throughout the weekend, while continuing to have programming that was specific to their age group.  This was a great experience for all that attended.  In addition to both sessions being held over the same weekend, the adult mentor (the Eli) was invited to come alongside their student, fostering the mentor/mentee relationship at the retreat.  These changes in format seemed to go smoothly and many benefits were observed.

Students have many opportunities competing for their time.  Attendance at a retreat over the weekend can be challenging to attend, due to many school and other responsibilities.  The Samuel School retreat will likely be changing in format again, to make it even more accessible to students.  The Board of Youth and Young Adults is exploring options for the 2020/21 school year.  Stay tuned for more information, coming soon!

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