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Representative Resources

Forms and Resources

2014 Midyear Boards Reps Agenda  [DOWNLOAD]

2013 Yearly Meeting Agenda  [DOWNLOAD]

2013 Portland Area minute on unity  [DOWNLOAD]

2013 Midyear Boards Registration  [DOWNLOAD]

2012 Yearly Meeting Agenda  [DOWNLOAD]

Letter to Representatives 2012  [DOWNLOAD]

Discussion on Human Sexuality 2012  [DOWNLOAD]

Representatives Position Description  [DOWNLOAD]

Nomination Forms  [DOWNLOAD]

YM Vision, Mission and core Values statements  [DOWNLOAD]

How to be a Rep (by A. J. Ellis)  [DOWNLOAD]

2012 Reps Midyear Boards Letter, including agenda (from Tom Stave, clerk)  [DOWNLOAD]


NWYM Superintendent
Jim Le Shana

NWYM Clerk
Ken Redford

NWYM Assistant Clerk
George Crosiar

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