YM Workshops

2015 Yearly Meeting Workshop Titles and Descriptions

Click here for the workshop schedule: 2015 NWYM Workshop Schedule

Conversations in Discipleship Jim Teeters | Discover and appreciate your personal strengths. Awaken to opportunities for discipleship. Grow in awareness and effectiveness for discipleship.

What Serving Looks like in Ramallah | Sam Saxton, Lana Thurston, Ashley Weinacht, and Cheryl Engel will share their experiences living and serving among Palestinians as Friends Traveling in Service.

Summit 2014 Mareesa Fawver & Haley Paz | Mareesa and Haley will lead a panel discussion about the Summit experience

The joys and struggles of youthwork Chris McMullen | This will be a panel with emphasis on a discussion with all participants focused on youth leadership. It will provide insight to those considering youth leadership and community to those in it.

Poetry as Prayer Jim Teeters | Poems: they excite, inspire, delight, they build a fire inside, just get your pen and write!

Slow Church John Pattison | This workshop explores the expanding Slow Church conversation and how churches around North America are rooting themselves in the place and pace of their neighborhood.

Slow Church NW An Initiative for the Yearly Meeting John Pattison | Based on the award-winning book, this project will help congregations explore ways of weaving a fabric of care in their neighborhoods. Supported by the Pickett Endowment.

Reaching Your Oikos, Your Relational World Don Steinke | OIKOS is the Greek word for “house” or “household” in the New Testament (Mark 5:19; Acts 2:46; 11:13-14; 16:14-15; 16:31-34). Every believer in Jesus has an OIKOS of 8-15 people. These are friends, neighbors, co-workers, and family members for whom God has given you to share His love and His Word. God has asked each of us to reach our relational world. That world is your OIKOS

Friends Women: Teaching Abroad | Teachers who served in China and Hungary during the 2014 Teachers Abroad will share their experiences.

Friends Women: Russia | Johan and Judy Maurer will report on their recent trip to Russia; visits with Kara Maurer and Anna Thomas; and their plans to return to Russia and resume teaching.

Friends Women: Bolivia Friends | Timoteo and Elizabeth Choque-Vargas will share about God’s work in the Bolivian Friends churches. Timoteo is superintendent of Bolivia Yearly Meeting.

The Latest on Evangelical Friends Mission (EFM) Dan Cammack | The executive director of Evangelical Friends Mission, Dan Cammack, will give an update on the latest developments in EFM.  Russell and Sarah Badgley, members of Greenleaf Friends Church, will also share about their journey towards opening a new work among the Shuar of southeast Ecuador.

Spirit Led Action at FCNL: Speaking Truth to Power Kate Gould | Kate Gould, FCNL’s lead lobbyist on Middle East policy and a member of Friends Meeting of Washington who grew up with South Mountain Friends Monthly Meeting in Ashland, OR will present. This is an opportunity to learn about how FCNL connects historic Quaker testimonies on peace, equality, simplicity, and truth with issues and legislation in Washington. FCNL’s policy document and legislative priorities are determined through the Spirit led discernment of Friends gathered in local meetings and churches around the country. Kate is one of a team of lobbyists in Washington who work with Friends around the country to bring Quaker values to bear on public policy issues. FCNL is supported by individuals, monthly meetings and churches, yearly meetings, foundations and other Quaker bodies. Learn about how you can meaningfully engage with the congressional delegations representing Oregon, Washington and Idaho, and ensure that the faith voice advocating conflict transformation is heard in Washington, D.C.

A Leading for Leadership Jay Marshall | When God’s hand calls us to lead, how we understand the Divine influences the kind of leader we become. This workshop will consider how our experience of God shapes leadership practices, with a goal of understanding key foundations for leadership among Friends.

The dark side of Quakerism Carol Spencer | Exploring our shadow in order to practice the best of our tradition.

Being a Church Treasurer Roger Watson | Come and learn what it means to be a good church treasurer. We will also look at Treasurer reports and how we might better them. We will also consider unique payroll situations

A tour of the NWYM Archives | Take a tour of the NWYM archives that are housed at George Fox. A fun trip thru the history of NWYM.

Multiplication Epidurals: Birthing New Churches Without Pain (and other myths) Jim Lashana | Introductory workshop on church planting in the Northwest and some of the challenges.

The Saint John Bible Paul Anderson | You are invited to come browse through the pages of the Heritage Edition of the Saint John’s Bible-Vol. 6. Paul will share about the meaning and significance of the text and artwork.

Making Space to Encounter God Together Nate Macy | We’ll look at how we create good space to encounter God together. This workshop will look at how we use different elements of worship to pay attention to God together, both philosophically and pragmatically through music and other elements of worship. We’ll also consider using the resources your meeting has, as well as what practices might work well for your meeting to be present to the present Christ.

Exploring White Privilege Randy Woodley | George Fox Seminary Distinguished Professor of Faith and Culture, Randy Woodley, PhD, invites us to consider the levels of White privilege those in the dominant society enjoy simply by our birth status. Randy is a Keetoowah Cherokee Indian with over 30 years in ministry including many years dealing with issues of racial reconciliation.

Quaker Voluntary Service (QVS) Sarah Klatt-Dickerson | Quaker Voluntary Service: A Spirit-led Service & Witness. QVS is an 11-month experiment, living at the intersection of transformational spirituality and activism. Young adults work full-time in professional positions at community base organizations addressing a wide range of issues, while living in a cooperative house and worshiping with, and being mentored by, local Quakers. Sarah Klatt-Dickerson is the Portland Coordinator and will answer your questions about QVS.

Self-Sustaining Projects in Kenya Del & Suzanne Livingston| Come here about current businesses in Kenya that are self-sustained.

Friendly Water for the World Del & Suzanne Livingston | Del and Suzanne will update attendees about the exciting work of Friendly Water. Find out how to be involved in supplying this vital resource.

The Future of the Past: Bolivian Friends Approach their Centennial Hal & Nancy Thomas | Hal & Nancy present the challenges of the Bolivian Friends history project. Timoteo and Elisabeth Choque will be sharing with Hal and Nancy on the significance of this project for the Bolivian Yearly Meeting.

GO! Friends Traveling in Service | This program through NWYM helps get Friends young and old, serving on foreign fields for 2-12 months. Come find out more and hear from the inaugural participants.

The Forgotten Quaker DistinctiveJim LeShana | This is a historical perspective of Friends and evangelism (contributing to the notion that one of the best ways we can model traditional Quakerism is when we demonstrate this heartbeat today).