Northwest Yearly Meeting of Friends Church (NWYM) is a covenantal community
of evangelical Friends churches that make Jesus Christ known by:

Teaching and obeying the whole gospel as revealed by the
Holy Spirit and recorded in Scripture

Loving and mutually supporting each other

Equipping and releasing people to continue His mission in the world

Yearly Meeting Sessions

 Yearly Meeting 2017
July 23-26

When Grace Happens is the theme for 2017 NWYM sessions.  The historical truth is that over the years Northwest Yearly Meeting has received one blessing after another.  NWYM is not the organization, but the gathering together of all the individuals, families and worshipping communities historically a part of NWYM.  Then we come together corporately once a year for our yearly meeting sessions.  This is our last official yearly meeting session as NWYM as we have known it over the decades.  We are in grief, yes.  What is before us this week is an open door to worship, pray, love and respect our differences while we anticipate a future of one blessing after another as God leads each group in outreach and ministry. Our time together this year will be different but it is important. We look forward to seeing you all there.

Evening Sessions
This is an unusual time in NWYM and our worship will reflect our changing circumstances.  As we gather to worship we participate in God’s abundant and unearned lavish grace. Through the past and present faces of NWYM, God’s gift of grace is revealed, expressed and received. Grace happens when we respond in obedience to God’s gift of grace and seek to be givers of grace.  Through scripture, song, stories, and silent reflection we will be invited to do the work of relinquishing, remembering & recounting God’s promises of blessing and continual faithfulness as we seek grace for the changes among us. 

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2017 Annual Sessions Schedule


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If you are looking for information on Youth Yearly Meeting please visit the below page: Youth Yearly Meeting

For those with children attending Tilikum throughout the week, please visit the Yearly Meeting Tilikum page for details and the registration form. If you are from Newberg Friends, 2nd Street Community Church, or North Valley Friends you need to register directly through your meeting. Please contact your staff to find out more about registration.