Volunteers on Wheels


Members of VOW use their individual skills to help churches, camps, schools, missions and other Christian enterprises with construction, renovation, remodeling, teaching and other areas of need. Many Vow members are retired RV owners, but the service opportunity is open to all interested persons.

More information – What is VOW?



 Applicants for VOW assistance will be considered from the following:

  • Friends churches and Christian camps, schools, colleges, universities and other organizations directly associated with NWYM.
  • Friends churches and Christian non-profit organizations other than those associated with NWYM.

Responsibility of the Project Host Organization

  • Supply at least one person, Applicant Project Coordinator to work with VOW volunteers and oversee the project.
  • Cooperate with the VOW Project Coordinator and volunteers to make appropriate use of volunteer skills and monitor project progress.

Responsibility of VOW

  • Name a VOW Project Coordinator
  • Assess the requested project to be sure it is appropriate based on current membership skills and abilities.
  • Recruit volunteers
  • Communicate with the Project Host Organization regarding all aspects of the project.


Contact Bill Rourke – (503) 538-5567 or Bruce Longstroth – (503) 538-0471



VOW Brochure
Membership Application
VOW Service Acknowledgment
Coordinator’s Work Sheet
Instructions for Work Records
Application for VOW Assistance