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The Sower’s Fund


Established in 2008, the Sower’s Fund is dedicated to the growth and vitality of NWYM–both now and into the future. Through the generous support of people like you, resources from the Sower’s Fund are used to scatter the seeds of change, hope and new life for the¬† Friends of Northwest Yearly Meeting and in the world we serve.

If you would like to partner with others in the work of supporting NWYM ministries through the Sower’s Fund, here is what it means:

  • Commit to pray regularly
  • Make an annual gift or monthly pledge
  • Receive a quarterly communication from the NWYM Superintendent
  • Engage the NWYM superintendent around ideas and plans for the future–as we seek to pursue God’s Kingdom together

To learn what the Sower’s Fund has accomplished, visit our 2009 results page. To learn what we’re doing this year, visit our 2010 ministry focus page. You may download the Sower’s Fund Brochure (PDF),¬†contact Becky Ankeny at, or call the Yearly Meeting office at 503-538-9419. Questions and suggestions are also welcome!

Online gifts can be made below. We use PayPal as our payment processor. The options listed below are one-time gifts only. If you wish to give an amount beyond what is listed here, or make a recurring gift, please contact Roger Watson at 503-476-9992.