Northwest Yearly Meeting of Friends Church (NWYM) is a covenantal community
of evangelical Friends churches that make Jesus Christ known by:

Teaching and obeying the whole gospel as revealed by the
Holy Spirit and recorded in Scripture

Loving and mutually supporting each other

Equipping and releasing people to continue His mission in the world

Representatives Position Description

Position description for NWYM Representatives (written collaboratively by representatives at their mid-year meeting 2010)

* * * * *

“Representatives are chosen to capably represent their local meetings, but dedicated to joining a single yearly meeting body seeking the Holy Spirit’s guidance as to God’s ministry for that total body.”   (A.J. Ellis)

The job of a Representative in Northwest Yearly Meeting is vitally important for communication, discernment, and connectedness. This is work to be done with both joy and seriousness, as it involves nothing less than a close attention to Christ’s leading of his people.


NWYM Representatives will: 

Promote effective two-way communication between the local church and the Yearly Meeting by… 

  • actively informing congregational members about Yearly Meeting events, programs, and priorities
  • making effective use of available communication opportunities, such as bulletins, newsletters, monthly meetings, bulletin board, and committee meetings
  • reminding church members of Yearly Meeting media, such as “Connection”, “GO”, and the YM website
  • understanding the ministries, priorities, and concerns of the local church
  • communicating these matters to other churches and to the Yearly Meeting as appropriate
  • understanding the upcoming items of Yearly Meeting business in order to seek the discernment of the local church
  • working with the clerk of the local church to provide adequate opportunities to consider upcoming Yearly Meeting business
  • understanding the organization of the Yearly Meeting in order to direct questions and concerns
  • supporting the local church in its discernment about Yearly Meeting issues

Participate in discerning God’s voice in our Yearly Meeting by… 

  • attending meetings for worship and business (aka “business meetings”)
  • praying for our Yearly Meeting business before, during and after business meetings
  • studying advance information on matters of Yearly Meeting business
  • joining in the work of corporately discerning God’s will in our decision-making
  • carrying faithfully the views and concerns of their local churches…
  • …but holding these views lightly, with hearts and minds open to God’s leading in the decision
  • taking advantage of opportunities for training in personal and group discernment

Assist actively in the Yearly Meeting nominating process by… 

  • learning about Yearly Meeting boards and offices, and sharing that information with the local church (see
  • becoming aware of vacancies in boards and offices
  • understanding the gifts and passions of local church members, consulting as appropriate with the church nominating committee, elders, and pastors
  • understanding the Yearly Meeting nominating process
  • nominating members, encouraging self-nomination, or referring suggestions to the Area member of the YM Nominating Committee
  • maintaining communication with the Area member of the Nominating Committee.

Support the cohesiveness and vitality of Areas by… 

  • maintaining frequent contact with the other Area representatives and the Area clerk
  • staying aware of future Area events
  • attending and encouraging other church members to attend Area events
  • sharing concerns that will be discussed at Area gatherings with the local church in advance of the meeting


Support the spiritual robustness of Friends in NWYM by… 

  • Praying for the Yearly Meeting, its ministries and its leaders
  • Waiting upon God for His leading for our Yearly Meeting
  • Supporting the aims of the Yearly Meeting vision statement
  • Working to build loving and supportive relationships among individuals, churches, regions and generations