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    David Hazel

    I must admit that this particular article is a little hard to understand.

    Yesterday I watched a Roman Catholic priest-in-training walk by in his long, flowing robes, and I thought of piety. That is how I often have considered piety, as though it is a garment that one puts on, or a certain “look” that a person has.

    I personally am now finding that piety is not a “look”; rather, piety is a condition of the heart and is more something that Jesus does in me than something that I do. This is also more consistent with scripture.

    So, what is the outcome? To simplify it, I am learning to be Christ’s in every circumstance, not just when I “look” the part; in fact, I eschew the “look” in order that I may have the reality!

    How are others coming upon modern piety? This is foundational to our Walk with God. Post your comments.


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