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    Daniel Wilcox

    I, too, thought it was a one-sided truth until I lived most of the year in Israel, working on a kibbutz about 20 miles from Nazareth, and visited the Palestine area, even staying for dinner and the night with an Arab family. Very quickly I learned how far the facts were from the Christian presentation in the U.S.
    But it’s complicated–on the one hand most Palestinians support the slaughter of Jews. Very close to our kibbutz, Palestinian fighters attacked civilians in an apartment complex wounding many! And now this last week again, they shot rockets into Israeli held land, trying to kill civilians:-(
    On the other,
    the Israeli government regularly discriminates against Palestinians, confiscates their land, and kills many innocent civilians when trying to execute terrorists. Right now the Israeli government is trying to confiscate the land of a Christian Palestinian family. How tragic.

    Let us not side with the political games but work for the reconciliation of which the New Testament speaks. Consider supporting the fine Christian organizations working for peace in Palestinte/Israel and bringing Arab and Jew together in Christ.

    Daniel Wilcox


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