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    Rich Miller

    While it is admirable that Wilbur writes with such passion and conviction regarding the plight of the Palestinians,it is too bad that he didn’t even try to disguise his extreme bias (the organizations he referred to as terrorist were NOT… They started initially as local Jewish “neighborhood protectors/militias.” obviously there were atrocities in those early days but they were charged with simply protecting their families and homes. Almost from the beginning, Palestinians have been led by people who want nothing less than the destruction of Jews and “annihilation” of the Jewish state.). It is my experience and observation that we, as Christians/Friends, are very concerned about human rights abuses but it must be stated that the abuses go both ways. The gangland terrorist tactics of the various Palestinian militias have required a hard-line approach to containment. Once the Palestinians, or should I say “if”, denounce their terroristic leadership and expel them from their ranks, I believe that Israel will have no choice but to lessen their militaristic approach to containment.

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    Robert Rands

    The issue of injustice in Palestine and Israel is heavily laden with tragedy and prejudice. Some Israelis are also engaged in advocacy for and reconciliation with Palestinians who suffer from unjust acts and policies.

    B’Tselem is an Israeli organisation through which concerned Israelis may work on human rights in Israel and Palestine. I expect there are other groups, although I do not know of their specific activities. Ramallah Friends School might also provide a point of contact, although I can tell you nothing more.
    Here are two links, for those who may be interested:

    Ramallah Friends School:


    I came to this page this morning because my cousin, Denzel Shiflett passed away last week. He was an elder of Meridian Friends Church, in Idaho. He was nine years older than I, and we had very little contact with each other throughout the years. I was surprised and pleased to learn, through his obituary, of his Quaker faith. I hope that he might have seen this brief post as a contribution toward reconciliation, and that others will accept it in the same spirit..

    Robert Rands
    Hobart, Tasmania


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