Northwest Yearly Meeting of Friends Church is a
Christ-centered, discerning, inter-generational community of Friends,
committed to discipleship and outreach to impact society locally and globally.


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    Bill Wagoner

    Wess—-This story really grabbed me. How/when will it “be continued?” My wife Joyce and I retired after seven years of pastoral leadership at Friends Memorial in Muncie last year. With the meetinghouse being in an older part of the city, we were frequently visited by the homeless. It stretched the meeting to know how to show compassion and yet “protect” the chilodren of the Preschool. One gentleman frequently took up residence at night on the front entrance area of the meetingouse, and left trash and waste behind. Some members tried to respond redemptively, others said call the police.

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    Wess Daniels

    Bill – thanks for the comment. I’m posting on the 1st of each month, so that’s when you can expect to see the next part. And I know exactly what you’re talking about, my hope is that people change to more compassionate responses when they see the real faces of the poor, and hear their stories. But I know this isn’t always the case.

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    Bill Wagoner

    Wess—No, it isn’t always the case. Part of the rationale or motivation is in protecting the meetingouse. In 2008 Friends Memorial celebrated the 100th anniversary of the building of the meetinhouse in 1908. A lot was said to remind us of Fox’s disdain for emphasis on steeplehouses, but much was still said in the way of honoring as well as faithfully maintaining our historic downtown building. There is something to be said for keeping up the premises, and for the stewardship of what has been passed on to the present generation. But every congregation wants their place of worship to look attractive, being in the “come worship with us” race, and that puts us in cultural lock step with most other congregations.


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