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    Elizabeth Todd

    Thank you, Nancy. You provoke us to thought – and prayer.

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    Two things. I think what you learned is STRENGTH works. They knew you COULD hurt them with the board. Swinging it told them you WOULD if they didn’t stop.
    Remember Jesus in the temple, what you experienced was righteous indignation and you responded correctly in defense of your brother in my opinion.

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      Thanks, Celesta, but I still wonder. Is this what our country does when they (we?) send in their weapons in situations where the leaders are bullying the little people? How do we stop bullies, in the play ground and around the world?

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        Having visited Israel, Egypt and Jordan last fall, I have a conflicted view of this.
        I think America needs to demonstrate strength and the will power to keep the peace, but I think arming either side is dangerous. When you have to buy friends, they are not real friends or allies. Peacekeeping forces on the ground is perhaps the best answer. The UN needs to find a way to get around impasses brought by Russia and China.
        I think we need to be more careful about who we support and how. We arrived in Egypt the day after 26 Christian were martyred when they demonstrated (peacefully–unarmed). Muslims joined the demonstration to support the Christians. The military came in and gunned the demonstrators down.
        We attended a Bible study the next night where family members brought blood stained clothing and pleaded with the Coptic Pope Shenoda (since deceased) to take their cause to the government as he sat on something similar to our cabinet. He promised he would. I have never been more afraid in my life–the church was packed and emotions ran very high. I was sure the military would enter the church and take us all out with TV cameras filming.
        Our Christian guide in Alexandria (a woman) said she thought she was the only one in Egypt who thought they were better off with Mubarak, but I think she was right to say the new situation was worse with the military running the show.
        We also had an eye opening education in Jerusalem where a young Jewish woman addressed our group about discrimination against the Palestinians in Jerusalem. She proceeded to guide us on a tour of both sections of Jerusalem demonstrating her points. Not a clear answer there but blind support of the Israelis is not the answer. We met Arab Palestinian Christians who have lost property their families have held since Jesus was on earth. They are neither terrorists or angry, just wanting justice.



          Celesta, Your response and experience demonstrate how complex this all is. The phrase “peacekeeping force” is interesting, bringing together peace and force. Perhaps this is strength exercised in humility. Is that possible between nations? Thank you for this contribution.


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