Northwest Yearly Meeting of Friends Church (NWYM) is a covenantal community
of evangelical Friends churches that make Jesus Christ known by:

Teaching and obeying the whole gospel as revealed by the
Holy Spirit and recorded in Scripture

Loving and mutually supporting each other

Equipping and releasing people to continue His mission in the world


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    Ken Magee

    Thank you, Kay, for this report by Levi Pennington; very informative. I and my brothers grew up during WWII and the Korean war. Our church at Scotts Mills did an excellent job in educating us young men in matters of peace and stances we might take, and then did a good job of loving us. Two of my brothers and myself were drafted as non-combatants. We served as some form of medic in the service. I had to face the reality of deciding “would I crawl out to help a wounded enemy as well as a wounded American?” I never had to face that but knew one who did and himself lay wounded with a wounded German soldier in an Italian vinyard for three days. Some in our group took other stances. A dear friend from our church was killed – shot through the head. We all mourned his loss intensely.

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    Kay Ellison

    Ken, hearing from you helps me understand more about the Quaker peace testimony, and happy to be part of a group that tries to follow God no matter what. My father didn’t grow up knowing about conscientious objection, or in a family who would have respected that. He served in the navy during WWII, but I believe after the war he felt that war was wrong, and a bad solution. I was a teenager during the Vietnam War, but as a girl didn’t have the decision to make about the draft. I honor what you did! I hope I would be as brave and thoughtful. Someday I think I might work for God possibly in the West Bank and Israel. My daughter, Joy, worked for Christian Peacemaker Teams, helping monitor how Israeli settlers and Israel soldiers interacted with Palestinian shepherds and children. It was pretty dangerous, but not like what you went through. Again, I hope I could be as brave as you both!

  3. 3

    Elizabeth Todd

    I’ve been learning about Friends’ historic work in Palestinian villages around Jerusalem in 1869. Two American recorded ministers traveled there in 1869. It was right after the Civil War and General Grant had just been elected U.S. President. Even with all the things Friends for peace realized they could not do or prevent in times of war, they continued to speak and to act in ways faithful to their calling from God. They were not passive as is clear from Pennington’s report. Thanks for sharing it.

    1. 3.1

      Kay Ellison

      Elizabeth, I can hardly wait for you to come speak to us at West Hills Friends during January’s Peace Month! I’m still interested in working in the West Bank!

      1. 3.1.1

        Elizabeth Todd

        Kay, I’m looking forward to it!


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