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    Kay Ellison

    Jade, thank you so much for sharing this! It is a great encouragement to be reminded that big changes might take time, and that “is it right?” is reason enough to keep on working for peace. Thank you!

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    Wilbur Wood

    I have always been interested in MLK, in part because we were born a few months apart and we both began our ministries in our churches at the same time. Most of our similarity ends there. A few years ago my wife and I worshiped in the Dexter Avenue Baptist church in Montgomery, Dr. King’s first church. Several things were impressive there but what most grabbed me was conversation with some of the older members. For them, Dr. King was remembered as being their pastor. His ministry among them was not long, but while he was there he fulfilled his ministry in such a way as to be remembered for that, despite all that happened after that. He was remembered for his preaching, for his leadership, and for the pastoral care of his flock.


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