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    Prof Steve Olshewsky CPA MBA JD PhD

    I agree with Emma’s idea that “If we let the living water flow down in our lives more and more, the Earth will be a world governed fully by ‘peace, equality, integrity, and community.’”

    As Quakers, we want to “be patterns, be examples” of that of God in everyone. What better way to show the world that Christ is living in our hearts (as Emma puts it) than to be so filled with the Divine that it spills out onto world around us in the form of work for peace and social justice.

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    David H. Finke

    I regularly read your Peace-with-Justice commentaries, and thank you for them. I was particularly glad to find Emma’s testimony here. She shared her experience with us several years ago at annual sessions of Illinois Yearly Meeting. Having her among us was not only educational in terms of life in her homeland, and the challenges and opportunities of Quakers and their work in evangelism and education: beyond that, she simply demonstrated by her radiant presence that we are One Family of Friends, regardless of the labels, the styles of worship, the ethnicities and languages and different expressions of theology.
    She is a bridge-builder among Quakers, for which I am deeply grateful. Thank you for giving her an additional platform from which to be heard.
    Praise God from whom all blessings flow.


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