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    Elizabeth Todd

    Thank you, Emma, for sharing your thoughts with us. It got me thinking!

    I had ideas about war, but it was only when I heard, saw, and smelled it that I developed a deep aversion to it. And I was only on the fringe of a war in which I was a protected foreigner. But I remember how vulnerable it made people and what I saw in the faces of people I respected and cared about when they told me their personal experiences of suffering and survival. I love the testimony of Friends in Central Africa who lived through war and came out with a deep love for God and commitment to seeking peace in families, communities, and countries. And, even though it was painful, I remain deeply thankful for my experience with them.

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    “Christians who approved making and going to just war in order to sow peace, only sow revenge and anger”

    So true, Emma! We could say the same of any group that wages war, eh?


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