Northwest Yearly Meeting of Friends Church (NWYM) is a covenantal community
of evangelical Friends churches that make Jesus Christ known by:

Teaching and obeying the whole gospel as revealed by the
Holy Spirit and recorded in Scripture

Loving and mutually supporting each other

Equipping and releasing people to continue His mission in the world


  1. 1

    Celesta Rea

    Bless you, Debbie. I can’t begin to imagine how you do this. I would have the same struggles, but yes, God loves our children infinitely more than we do and he knows all about her past, present and future and will work it out for her good and his glory. Thanks for sharing.

  2. 2

    Ken Magee

    Dear Debbie and Family, Thank you immensely for sharing your challenges and blessings.
    We will also join with you in praying for Breanna, May peace continue.

  3. 3

    Kristen Sandoz

    It seems like once we become moms our whole world is wrapped up in our kids. Even when we try not to be that way. It’s a good reminder that being a mom isn’t about us but about them. Thanks for sharing.


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