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    mariellen gilpin

    Hi David Thomas, I’m an editor of a newsletter for Quakers who have mystical experiences, called What Canst Thou Say? (WCTS). We are gearing up to publish an issue in November on Trials and Temptations, and this story about your family’s burnout is something I’d like to be able to offer to the editor for that issue. Many of us who read and write for WCTS are liberal unprogrammed Friends, but we would love it if you would feel free to share your experience and your reflections on it with us. Consider it a standing invitation to write for WCTS, David, but this piece is the one that prompts me to write for permission to reprint. Blessings on your work,

    Mariellen Gilpin
    Coordinating Editor, WCTS

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    Celesta Rea

    It is so easy to over commit and literally run ourselves ragged. I am so glad you are recovering and finding a healthier pace. God will bless your ministry

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    Ken Magee

    Thank you immensely David and Debbie. Your story will help many. We will continue to hold you in our prayers. We love you. Ken and Jo Magee


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