Nepal Earthquake Response

Please read the update from EFM below

During the last 48 hours we have continued to check the news about the aftermath of the earthquake in Nepal and communicate with our missionaries who are located in Kathmandu. The death toll has quadrupled since our first update (from 1000 to 4000). People have now spent three nights outside of their homes because of the aftershocks. Many, including some of our missionaries, have been sleeping in their cars. Others are out in open spaces in tents or makeshift shelters. It has been cold and raining. Shortages of food, water, clothing, blankets, and electricity make the situation more urgent. Emergency aid is beginning to trickle in, however.

Our missionaries have been getting reports from Nepali Friends about the condition of their homes and church buildings. There are Friends who live and worship in a place called Gorka which is located very close to the epicenter of Saturday’s earthquake. Forty of their homes and their church building are badly damaged or completely destroyed in that one area alone. There are reports from other villages that at least thirty more of the believers’ homes have been partly or completely destroyed including another church building. So it is becoming clear that one of the biggest needs in the days and weeks ahead will be reconstruction of homes and a few church buildings. There will probably be ways for us to help with other immediate needs as well. Conversations are underway with our missionaries about what those needs are and what we can do about them.

As reported in the first update, EFM does have some emergency funds on hand to begin sending assistance right away. We do invite you to give towards our emergency fund so that we can accomplish whatever the Lord gives us to do in the recovery phase of this emergency and also still have some funds on hand for the next emergency. Below you will find the options for giving to the emergency fund.

Even as we give prayer is still what is needed most. Pray not only for the physical and material needs of the Nepali people but also for their spiritual needs. May more and more people come to know the one true God in the midst of this crisis.

Dan Cammack

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