Immigration Ministry Team

Multiple resources will be gathered here, as the Immigration Ministry Team (under the Board of Local Outreach’s Subcomiittee on Human Rights) moves forward in helping equip NWYM churches and individuals to respond to the many issues involved.

Biblical Perspectives on the Role of Immigrants in God’s Mission

This is a paper presented to the Lausanne Theology Working Group that met in Panama in January 2009. Author Chuck Van Engen is a missiology professor at Fuller Theological Seminary and Director of the Latin American Doctoral Theology program that Hal and Nancy Thomas work with. The paper is reproduced on the NWYM web site with the author’s permission.

untitled-1The United Nations estimates that there are around twenty-one million refugees and displaced persons around the globe today. Clearly, this figure does not include the hundreds of thousands – most likely millions — of those who migrate from rural areas to the cities of the world, nor those who voluntarily move from one nation or region to another looking for better living conditions. Adding these categories together, one would estimate that, at any given moment, there are at least fifty million people who have left one place of residence to migrate to another. So it is fair to assume that in this new century and new millennium we are seeing the greatest movement of humanity around the globe ever seen in human history. God is calling the Church of Jesus Christ – and presenting the Church with a marvelous opportunity — to join together in solidarity with immigrants, strangers, new-comers, and foreigners from all the nations that surround the Church in all parts of the world.

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Immigration Workshop

During Yearly Meeting Sessions, 2009, Joel and Jenn Perez (Newberg) presented a workshop introducing some of the issues involved in immigration. Read more about it and listen to the audio file.

Update and Minutes

In November, 2009, the Immigration Advocacy Team provided an update of their present activity and minutes from the National Association of Evangelicals and the Friends Committee for Legislation. They encourage local meetings and churches to write minutes to share with their congressional leaders and other churches.