The Pearl Fund

Pearl Fund Brochure (pdf)

Jesus said that involvement in the Kingdom of God is a prize of such value–a pearl–that the appropriate response to God’s offer of the Kingdom is to make wholehearted commitments in service to it.

In our time men and women of all ages are making commitments to serve Jesus and the Kindgom. Some have responded to the call of the Lord to give themselves to leadership in the local Friends church. Understanding that it is the Spirit who makes a minister, they nevertheless want to equip themselves with all the “tools” available to enhance their usefulness to the Spirit. The Friends Center of Northwest Yearly Meeting exists to help identify and train these candidates for Friends ministry.

For some that includes graduate or seminary education. The high cost of such education is a deterrent to many potential students, especially if they have already established their families. They frequently need scholarship assistance to have any hope of gining the preparation they desire.

Anonymous donors made the initial gift of $40,000.00 in 2004 to inaugurate The Pearl Fund of Northwest Yearly Meeting of Friends, enabling Friends Center to provide scholarships to those preparing for ministry in the local church. Other donors are encouraged to join with their own gifts to make possible even more scholarships.

You may give in one of these ways. . .

Endowed Scholarships
Donors who make a gift or pledge of $25,000 or more may create a “named” scholarship. Northwest Yearly Meeting will permanently invest these funds with a percentage of the annual income generated available to help one or more students. Donors may help establish scholarship criteria.

Annual Scholarships
Donors who commit to give at least $1,000 yearly for five consecutive years may establish a scholarship named for the donor or someone the donor wants to honor. Donors may help establish scholarship criteria.

Unrestricted Scholarships
Donors can support Friends Center with an unrestricted gift for scholarships. These unrestricted donations apply to the general scholarship support provided by Friends Center to graduate students.

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