Quakers and Russian Rulers

Interactions of Quakers with Three Rulers of Russia

by Aaron Sherwood, George Fox Evangelical Seminary, 2009

This paper focuses on the early encounters that Quakers had with the rulers of Russia. The author became more and more fascinated with both the personal relationships formed between the Emperors and Empress and the Quakers and the character of all the parties involved: the sheer pluck of Thomas Story, the insatiable curiosity of Peter the Great, the courage and skill of Thomas Dimsdale, bravery of Catherine the Great, the passion of William Allen and Stephen Grellet, the endurance and willingness to serve of Daniel Wheeler and George Edmondson, the wisdom and heart of Alexander I. What follows is a brief synopsis of each of the key interactions that took place between Russia and the Society of Friends from the letters of the first Quaker himself to the death of Alexander I.

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