Local Meetings Go Global

Here are some stories of what local churches are doing to be involved in bringing peace and justice to international trouble spots:

Vancouver Peace and Justice Fair

The Vancouver Peace and Justice Fair is a yearly event that brings together people who work for peace and justice in order to help in networking. Groups that are involved in peace and justice are invited to bring booths to the fair each year. In general, over 70 groups are represented: from the Humane Society to several churches, from Habitat for Humanity to groups that sell handicrafts made by indigenous people in Latin America. Live music and children’s activities are also provided. Admission is free for all. Anyone who works for peace and justice and/or has an interest in such work (hopefully that’s everyone) can be involved in the fair. This year’s fair takes place Saturday, September 8, 2012 at Esther Short Park in Downtown Vancouver, WA. For more information contact Kay Ellison, 360-696-4840 or go to www.vancouverpeaceandjusticefair.org

West Hills Canaan Fair Trade

Canaan Fair Trade in Jenin, West Bank, is developing an ever-growing endeavor in marketing Palestinian Fair Trade organic olive oil, olives, couscous and other products in North America, Europe and the Middle East.  (A number of folks who attended the 2008 Northwest Yearly Meeting were able to taste this most delicious olive oil!)  Our purchases of these products, individually or as meetings, help farmers stay on their land, looking forward to a more just future.  A percentage of proceeds from sales goes to “Trees for Life,” a project to plant thousands of olive trees in the West Bank, as well as to support micro loans for women’s co-ops which produce couscous and other products.

For purchasing information contact:  Lorie Wood, email:  YeOldeFairTrader AT aol.com.
Phone:  360-693-6148, Address:  504 W. 37th St., Vancouver, WA 98660.

Fair Trade explanatory brochure (PDF file)

Peace Through Pieces

Peace Through Pieces is a ministry of North Seattle Friends Church in Burundi and the Congo.  Since 2005, Parry Federighi and Carolann Palmer have made regular trips to these areas to train women in quilt making as part of a healing process after trauma. They partner with David Niyonzima of Burundi Friends and the ministry of Trauma Healing and Reconciliation Services (THARS) which works to repair and reconcile the damage done by civil wars in Burundi.  Based on positive experiences in offering spiritual strength and comfort to cancer sufferers in the US through quilts, the people of North Seattle Friends undertook a ministry to do the same in Burundi with the added benefit of empowering women with valuable sewing skills.  The results have been incredible as women find healing from trauma, gain an income and status in their communities, and give back to the community by sharing their quilts with those who are in the hospital.
For more information contact Patty Federighi at pattyf@northseattlefriends.org or go to http://www.northseattlefriends.org/ptp.htm

Friendly Water for the World

Friendly Water for the World works in countries around the world to provide biosand water filters in communities with unsanitary water conditions. Worldwide, 3.5 million people die each year due to waterborne illnesses, which could be prevented with proper water treatment. Biosand water filters kill 95-99% of the bacteria and parasites that cause these diseases. Del and Suzanne Livingston of Olympic View Friends oversee the work of Friendly Water for the World. They provide training globally and in the Northwest on constructing and maintaining Biosand Water Filters, how to run a micro-business, and raising awareness of basic sanitation and hygiene practices.
For more information contact Del and Suzanne Livingston at info@friendlywaterfortheworld.com or go to www.friendlywaterfortheworld.com

If you have stories to share, please email Shawn McConaughey, NWYM Associate Superintendent for Global Outreach and Pastoral Care.