Samuel School II

Samuel School II

Samuel School begins with a weekend event (May 24th-27th) in which young people from Northwest Yearly Meeting churches entering the 11th or 12th grades (or equivalent age) who have been identified by the church as desiring greater spiritual formation to come to learn and apply spiritual disciplines together. The focus of the curriculum is the formation of habits that will help the students grow in their spiritual lives, apply Scripture to the challenges of their age group, and engage in a meaningful relationship with at least one adult Christian in their church community in order to develop their leadership abilities.

This year, we are also holding the first tier of Samuel School, for those entering the 7th or 8th grades (or age equivalent) the same weekend as the high schooler. The high school curriculum, while similar in some ways to the middle school lessons, is directed towards the transitions to adulthood that this age group is grappling with, and has the hard work of making adult choices in mind.

This is not a laid-back retreat; instead, it offers a strong challenge and spiritual development.

Location: Camp Tilikum, Newberg, OR

Date: May 24-27, 2019

Cost: Registration cost $200.

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After the weekend, the students will meet challenges and have questions about applying what they have learned. In order to help them meet these challenges, they will have an “Eli” to help guide them. Our hope is that the Samuel/Eli relationship will persist through the following year and beyond.

A Samuel is a student who, as discerned by the leadership of the local church, has the potential to grow into a spiritual leader.

An Eli is a mature adult Christian from the local church who is willing to commit to an extended relationship with the student to help them process through and apply what they have learned from the weekend. Our hope this year is that Elis will attend the weekend with their Samuels. This will allow the relationship to begin with a shared experience, and we will be talking through mentorship techniques with the adults.

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