Bible Quizzing


Bible Quizzing has become a vital part of our ministry to youth in NWYM. It began in 1988 with a pilot program involving three churches. Since that time, enthusiasm for the program has continued.

*If you are interested in starting a Bible Quizzing Team at your church, there is a grant to help with start-up costs provided by the Board of Christian Education.  To apply, complete the application.

Quizzing is not just about competition. It is also an effective tool for learning the Bible. A quizzer must have some knowledge and understanding of the passages being studied in order to quiz well. In fact, most quizzers memorize large portions of the year’s book or books. This requires consistent time in Bible study and just as the Bible describes itself as the “living Word,” the youth who commit that Word to memory find it becomes a very valuable resource they can take wherever they may go.

This program involves four tournaments taking place across the Northwest. These tournaments narrow competition to three teams and individual high scorers. Teams are quizzed on their knowledge of one or more books of the Bible throughout the four tournaments. Bible Quizzing encourages study and memorization, as well as fellowship and friendly competition. Bible Quizzing is highly adaptable for large or small churches and is a fantastic way to bring youth together.

2019-20 Schedule (Hebrews, 1 & 2 Peter)

Date October 12, 2019 December 7, 2019 January 11, 2020 March 7, 2020
Books of the Bible Hebrews 1-6 Hebrews 7-11 Hebrews 12-13 &
1 Peter 1-3
1 Peter 4-5 & 2 Peter 1-3
Host Church Greenleaf Twin Rocks Meridian Sherwood
Registration Link  Click Here for Meet 1  Click Here for Meet 2 Click here for Meet 3 Click here for Meet 4

Additional Info

Here’s the NWYM Leaders Guide (in PDF format) it explains how the quiz program operates with a list of dates, location, how to order materials and current guidelines around the competition.

If you are a church hosting a quiz meet please read the NWYM Bible Quizzing Hosting Guide and contact the Yearly Meeting Office at if you have any questions.