Young Adult Friends Leadership Development Team



(Young Adult Friends Leadership Development Team)


Summary of Revised Structure:

YAF LDT begins with four leadership opportunities: Volleyball Tournament, MidWinter, Youth Challenged to Expand their Worldview (YCEW), and Youth Challenged through Local Service (YCLS).

Each leadership opportunity allows for two positions to be filled (8 total YAF members). Positions would be open to Quaker young adults who have graduated from high school through 24 years of age. Positions are a minimum two-year commitment. Young adults can choose to participate in a total of 2 terms (4 years). The first year will be recognized as an apprentice year, the second and following years being recognized as a co-director. A term year would start in late August and end after Yearly Meeting in July.

Each specific program would have an advisor who would be appointed to work with, mentor, and develop the leadership potential of two young adults, meeting with together on a regular basis. The advisors would be selected with the leadership of the Board of Youth and YAF and in conjunction with other appropriate boards (YCEW with the Global Outreach Board, YCLS with the Local Outreach Board).

YAF LDT members will be chosen by a committee, which includes the Associate Superintendent of Youth and YAF and the four advisors.

Meetings will be held three times a year, with each leadership pair pulling together an additional sub-committee, needed to perform required tasks.

  • 1st meeting: September 13-15, 2013 Retreat. Topics covered would include team building, discernment training, training on putting a team together, healthy delegation, and measuring success. Advisors will also participate in this retreat.
  • 2nd meeting: Tentative Feb. 1, 2014, Mid-year Boards. Each pair would report to the YAYA board and/or partner boards. Time would also be given to debrief and check in with each other, community building, and participating in mid-year activities. For those not in the Newberg area, this can be done on Skype.
  • 3rd meeting: July 20-24, 2011, Yearly Meeting. Counsel at Youth Yearly Meeting; giving reports as needed to appropriate boards and build connections and relationships with students.
  • Other planning times will be scheduled for the individual events.