Young Adult Friend (YAF) Grant

1185870_10151758521753459_2090397669_nWe would like to financially support and encourage the ideas that young adults have for God’s Kingdom. Get creative about what you want to do, pray, dream, and apply! The NWYM Administrative Council has blessed the Youth and Young Adult Board with $15,000 to fund young adult friends’ efforts throughout the yearly meeting.

We are excited to consider funding your proposal and would like to see you be supported in the implementation of your activity/project. Part of the grant will include working with a mentor, so that we can be assured you are being supported throughout the process. The final round of applications need to be turned in by October 15, 2014. Depending on the number of applications and the number of funds requested the board may work with you on coming to an adjusted fund amount so we can distribute the money in a way that supports as many ideas as possible.

YAF Grant Application
Online gifts can be made below. We use PayPal as our payment processor. The options listed below are one-time gifts only. If you wish to give an amount beyond what is listed here, or make a recurring gift, please contact the Director of Finance and Development at 503-538-9419 ext. 111.

Everyone can help this initiative by donating below:

$25-gift $55-gift $100-gift