Simplicity – Addressing Root Causes of Violence

“Quakers have long advocated for living one’s life in such a way that it removes the occasion for war. One such tenet of Quakerism is “Simplicity,” a value many of us espouse, yet many of us struggle to live out. The practical, daily implications of this value are often hazy. What does it look like to embrace “simplicity” in a society that is saturated with the drive for material gain?

Tim Burdick, pastor at McKinley Hill Friends, presented a workshop at our annual NWYM sessions in 2007. Here are some materials he provided us with. May they encourage you in your quest for the good (aka simple) life and invite you to a deeper contemplation/conversation around issues of simplicity and justice.”

Simplicity Resource List

Richard Foster’s Guidelines for Simplicity

Simple Living in the City