Peace Month 2017

peacemonth2017Welcome to Peace Month 2017: Following Jesus in the Way of Peace (en Español)

Each January, Northwest Yearly Meeting participates in Peace Month, an annual emphasis on the Friends peace testimony sponsored by the Board of Christian Education and the Peace Education Subcommittee.

This year, we will focus on the biblical basis for peacemaking. We encourage you to join with congregations around NWYM to focus on these or other topics related to the ways we follow Jesus, Prince of Peace, in our own day and age:

  • January 1: Peace in the Old Testament: Conquest or Shalom?
  • January 8: Turning the Other Cheek: Doormat Passivity or Third Alternative?
  • January 15: Jesus’ Teachings on Peace: Put Away the Sword; Love Your Enemies! (Martin Luther King, Jr. weekend)
  • January 22: Romans 12-13: Submission to Empire or a Witness to It?
  • January 29: The Lamb’s War: Subverting Tyranny and Terror

If you would like to do some reading to prepare more fully for this year’s theme, here are a few suggestions:

Engaging the Powers: Discernment and Resistance in a World of Domination, Walter Wink (Minneapolis: Fortress, 1992).

Following Jesus: The Heart of Christian Faith and Practice, Paul Anderson (Newberg, OR: Barclay Press, 2013).

The Church’s Peace Witness, Marlin Miller and Barbara Nelson Gingerich, eds. (Grand Rapids, MI: Eerdmans, 1994). See especially Paul Anderson’s chapter, “Jesus and Peace,” pp. 104-130.

Waging Peace, Ralph Beebe & John Lamoreau (Newberg, OR: Barclay Press, 1980).

In the coming months, each meeting will receive a Daily Reader with brief stories and reflections from Northwest Yearly Meeting members on the topic “Following Jesus in the Way of Peace,” a Leaders Handbook with suggestions for directions you might go with sermons and children’s and youth education, and posters to advertise Peace Month in your building. These resources will also be available here.

Please contact us at peaceeducation at nwfriends dot org with any questions, comments, suggestions, or to submit Daily Reader entries.

Cherice Bock
Editor, Peace Month 2017

Peace Month 2017 Daily Reader – online version

Peace Month 2017 PowerPoint slide

Peace Month 2017 poster (printable)

Peace Month 2017 poster (digital size)

“The Jesus Way” by Bill Jolliff

Leaders Handbook 2017