Northwest Yearly Meeting of Friends Church (NWYM) is a covenantal community
of evangelical Friends churches that make Jesus Christ known by:

Teaching and obeying the whole gospel as revealed by the
Holy Spirit and recorded in Scripture

Loving and mutually supporting each other

Equipping and releasing people to continue His mission in the world

Peace Month 2013

Conflict Resolution (en Español)

January 2013

Peace Month occurs throughout Northwest Yearly Meeting each January. This year’s theme will be Conflict Resolution. Whether or not we are involved in war, we all have conflicts in our lives–but how do we deal with conflict? How do we resolve conflict in a manner consistent with our faith? Some of our meetings may even have conflict around our Peace Testimony! There are many layers of conflict resolution, and although we can’t learn all there is to know about resolving conflict in a month, we hope to at least open up the conversation.


As a way to organize the month, we suggest:

  • January 6: Internal Conflicts
  • January 13: Conflicts within the Family
  • January 20: Conflicts between Groups
  • January 27: National, International & Global Conflict Resolution


Each meeting is encouraged to host at least one event each week during January that focuses on Peace Month 2013’s theme of Conflict Resolution. This could be a Sunday school class, a sermon, a youth group discussion or a special event such as a movie viewing and discussion or inviting a guest speaker. Also available will be a Daily Reader with stories and devotional thoughts on conflict resolution for each day of January, written by Friends from NWYM.


The below resources have been mailed to each meeting in Northwest Yearly Meeting’s church office.


Daily Reader 2013 – Printable Version

Daily Reader 2013 – Online Version


Leaders Handbook 2013 – Online Version

Peace Month 2013 Poster

Peace Month 2013 PowerPoint Slide

Peace Month 2013 Sermon Suggestions

Peace Month 2013 Youth Suggestions

Peace Month 2013 Suggestions for Children

Music on Peace by NWYM artists

Emotions Poster