Peacemaking Queries

Challenging questions, called “queries”, have been a traditional part of the Quaker spiritual practice. Rather than having creedal statements that don’t involve the reader in an internal discussion, queries are designed to highlight different aspects of Christian Quaker theology and assist the individual in wrestling with application in their life. The following queries are offered with hopes that the Spirit of Christ will help you wrestle with the issue of being a peacemaker. They can be used for individual devotional experience or in a small group setting.

Peace Queries

    Developed by Participants at the NWYM Peace Conference
    October 8-9, 2001
    Newberg, Oregon

    1. Do you find ways to live peacefully in your daily relationships? Do you encourage others to do so by education and example?
    2. Do you recognize, express, and dwell in Christ as your ultimate source of security?
    3. In a spirit of repentance, confession, and forgiveness, are you willing to leave vengeance to God and pray for your enemies?
    4. Are you active in a community that supports one another in following Jesus’ call to peace?
    5. Are you proactive in praying, speaking, and acting against the injustice that may bring on the occasion for terrorism and war?
    6. Do you find ways to learn about and understand the Friends peace testimony?
    7. Do you act in loving and respectful ways toward those who disagree with the Quaker peace testimony?