Peacemaking Videos

“Movies and Media” Movies for discussion about peace issues

“Information and images in these films do not necessarily conform to the beliefs and practices of NWYM. NWYM does not endorse any of the following movies.”

The following videos can be borrowed or bought from Mennonite Central Committee US (No-cost for borrowing). Call tollfree: 1-888-563-4676 to order.

Children of Jerusalem Series (Seven videos, each featuring a different Israeli or Palestinian child). 26 to 30 minutes each.
Individual video titles:

  • Asya
  • Gesho
  • Ibrahim
  • Neveen
  • Tamar
  • Yacoub
  • Yehuda

(Borrow one or more at a time).

Children of Shatila. “The children of Shatila refugee camp in Lebanon attempt to come to terms with growing up in a refugee camp that has survived massacre, siege and starvation.” -MCC 47 minutes. (English subtitles).

Silent Weapon: The Embargo against Iraq. “Reveals the true suffering of the Iraqi people caused by the United Nations-imposed embargo.” -MCC. 26 minutes.

Paying the Price: The Killing of the Children of Iraq. “Fellowship of Reconciliation said, ‘This documentary is one of the most persuasive pieces ever done on sanctions.’ It details the humanitarian crisis in Iraq, as well as the failures of the ‘oil for food’ program.” -MCC. Contains graphic images. Grade 11 to adults. 75 minutes.

Islam Introduction. “Urbane Peachey, a Mennonite pastor, former Middle East worker and former MCC Middle East secretary advises viewers on how to approach the two succeeding videos”:

  • The Five Pillars of Islam. 30 minutes
  • Towards Understanding Islam: A Perspective for Christians. 1 hr.

Change of Command. “Presents the stories of military veterans who inner voice clashed with their military duties.” -MCC. 42 minutes.

War: Anybody’s Son Will Do. “This video observes basic training at the Parris Island (S.C.) Marine Recruit Training Depot as 18-year-olds are transformed into U.S. Marines. Looks at the brutal but precisely calculated regimen of mental and physical stress that will indoctrinate the young men with a new set of morals that allow them to kill. Contains violence. …For grade 10 to adults.” -MCC. 1 hr.

The following titles were recommended by educators across the United States. In some cases, recommendations (in their own words) are included. Please use discretion in choosing age-appropriate materials.

1. “Bringing Down a Dictator”- about youth-oriented, non-violent overthrow of Milosovich. It’s very empowering and interesting and fun because the organizers are really creative and use humor to attract other activists to the movement

2. “Choices of the Heart” -made-for-TV movie about the life, death, and faith of Jean Donocan, lay missionary who was martyred in El Salvador in 1980. May be hard to find.

3. “City of Joy” – American doctor helps a nun set up a clinic in the slums of Calcutta, working with local folks who are untouchables.

4. “El Norte”- story of a brother and sister who immigrate to U.S. Opened my eyes to plight of ‘illegal immigrants” from south America (in Spanish with subtitles). Appropriate for high school students.

5. “Eyes on the Prize series”- documentary of the US civil rights movement.

6. “Freedom Song” – historical fiction about a group of teens in the 60’s organizing sit-ins at lunch counters.

7. “Gandhi”

8. “Grave of the Fireflies”- anime DVD of WWII A-bomb. Available at Target or

9. “Hotel Rwanda” -really powerful and intense – allow for some serious processing time afterwards.

10. “Mandela and de Klerk” -Relates the story of Nelson Mandela, from his years as a revolutionary against de Klerk’s Government and incarceration to his election as a South African President. Emphasizes his relationship with his revolutionary wife Winnie. PG-13 for violence.

11. “Moolade” – a woman stands up to her community and the village elders to protect some girls from genital mutilation in Burkina Faso – inappropriate for young teens (in Fulani with sub-titles).

12. “Norma Rae”- union organizing.

13. “Remember the Titans” – racial barriers come down on a football team in the 1960s.

14. “Romero”- about the civil war in El Salvador, and the archbishop whose faith and life was inspired by the suffering and resilience of the campesinos.

15. “Sarafina” – about a young black South African woman and her classmates work against apartheid (involves some intense torture scenes and amazing music).

16. “Selena” – Story of the Tejano music star from discrimination against her Chicano father to her cross-over success.

17. “The Laramie Project” – story of the murder of Matthew Shepard, a gay teen, and the trial of those accused of his murder.

18. “The Mission”- Jesuit priests choose various forms of resistance (violent/non- violent) against the massacre of the people they minister to.

19. “The Way Home”- Korean film about a young boy sent to the country by his mother to live with his mute grandmother, while she looks for work. The universality of his frustration, need for love, and bratty behavior transcend the subtitles and cultural differences.

20. ” Whale Rider” – Maori girl & her calling to be a leader despite her grandfather’s desire for a male successor in tribal leadership.

21. Materials by Medard Gabel. Free of charge through e-quakes. or