Peacemaking Resources

To be a peacekeeper is not to be passive. Instead, it requires difficult and tenacious activity. Peace is to be pursued.

Here are a few resources we have found helpful:

Resources for Local Education and Discussion

  1. 9/11 Summit Meeting and initial Response Letter from NWYM leadership
  2. Youth retreat outline
  3. Peace Sabbath
  4. Essays on Peacemaking
  5. An address by Mary Lord, Interim Director, Peace Building Unit, AFSC:“Can Love Really Overcome Violence and Hate?: Reflections on Friends Peace Testimony”

Middle East Resources:

  1. The Center for Middle Eastern Studies Extensive information on the Middle east, Islamic religion, current politics, culture and much more.
  2. Web resources for Afghanistan: select “Web Resources” under “Country Focus” on
  3. Videos
  4. The Real Story: A Christian’s Guide to the Arab World – 6-part video series for small group discussion. Honoring of Muslims and the history of Islam. Reserve a copy through NWYM Global Outreach
  5. Sabeel Ecumenical Liberation Theology Center
  6. The Palestine Monitor: The Voice of Civil Society
  7. Amnesty International
  8. Palestinian Centre for Human Rights
  9. Great Resources, Excellent Writers & Analysis
  10. The Palestinian Human Rights Monitoring Group
  11. Rabbis for Human Rights