Forms for Conscientious Objection

(Questions Paraphrased from the Selective Service Documentation Form for CO’s, Form 22)

Conscientious Objectors should think through the following questions and write-out their answers to them in the form of a “Statement of Conscientious Objector Status” before they register as CO’s.

Generally speaking, the applicant must show that moral and ethical beliefs are against participation in war, in any form; and that these beliefs have directed their life in the way traditional religious convictions of equal strength, depth, and duration have directed the lives of those whose beliefs are clearly found in traditional religious convictions.

Question 1

Describe your beliefs which are the basis for your claim as a conscientious objector. If appropriate, state whether those beliefs would permit you to serve in a non-combatant position in the Armed Forces.

(In answering this question, you should describe, in some detail and as honestly as possible, the basic principles by which your life is guided).

Question 2

Describe how and when you acquired these beliefs.

(In answering this question, you should include anything of significance that helped to form your beliefs. Emphasize the role of your local church and your faith background, if applicable. Take care not to give the impression that your belief is primarily a matter of political considerations, expediency, or merely an arbitrary, personal moral code unrelated to higher values).

Question 3

Describe how your beliefs affect the way you live and the type of work you do or plan to do.

(This question allows you to demonstrate the sincerity with which you hold your beliefs. Select the best illustrations of your convictions)