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On nomination by the Representatives, the Yearly Meeting appoints five persons to constitute the Yearly Meeting Trustees, naming one trustee each year for a term of five years. Trustees shall also be appointed for shorter terms to fill vacancies resulting from resignation or other reasons so that the term of one trustee will expire each year. The Trustees select their own clerk. The Trustees are the legal representatives of the Yearly Meeting. They shall cause the titles to all real and personal property owned by the Yearly Meeting to be vested in “Northwest Yearly Meeting of Friends Church,” which is an Oregon non-profit corporation.

Such titles shall be recorded in official records of the state or county or in such other place where the title to such property is normally recorded. They shall also be responsible for the receipt of all funds and other property received by bequest or donation and shall administer them according to the wishes of the donors. They may make investments when advisable. The Trustees are authorized to execute legal instruments essential to normal procedure in business affairs and ownership of property held by the Yearly Meeting and the local churches.

For convenience, the Trustees may designate any two of their number to sign legal documents on their behalf. These two may sign only if they do not have a vested interest in the transaction being handled and if the transaction is approved by the Trustees or by a resolution approved by the Yearly Meeting in session, or by the Administrative Council. All transactions are to be reported annually to the Yearly Meeting in session. The Trustees must exercise care to observe the requirements of the statutes of the states within which their transactions are made. They are also responsible to:

  • Administer property and funds that come from the discontinuance of a local church or other organization of Northwest Yearly Meeting. In these cases, title is to be transferred to the Yearly Meeting’s corporate name. The Administrative Council will administer assets realized from these transfers, provided that any property or funds donated for a specific purpose are to be administered in accordance with the wishes of the original donor.
  • Take action as necessary to maintain Northwest Yearly Meeting of Friends Church as a corporation in good standing in the State of Oregon, with authority to hold property and conduct business in other states or countries as considered necessary.
  • Insure policies are in place throughout NWYM to address risk management issues (i.e. child/youth safety, transportation issues, background checks, property and finance protection)
  • Review how “Organizations Serving NWYM,” other connected groups and NWYM sponsored camps/programs are accountable within the NWYM. Make appropriate recommendations to insure risk management procedure and policies are in place