Faith and Practice Revision

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The Faith and Practice Revision Committee of five persons handles all matters pertaining to proposed revisions to Faith and Practice. The committee itself or any officer or official body of the Yearly Meeting may initiate proposals for amendment. Any proposal originating elsewhere than in the committee is referred to it through its clerk before being presented on the floor of the Yearly Meeting; this is to insure consistency with Faith and Practice as a whole and uniformity of style and expression. All proposals will be read twice for approval.

Substantive amendments to either reading require that the proposal be resubmitted for first reading. Proposals treating matters of Friends faith or rules of discipline must be read the second time at the subsequent annual sessions. Proposals treating matters of government, procedures, and organizations may, with the approval of the business meeting, be read twice for approval at the same annual sessions, provided that the readings do not occur on the same or consecutive days, and that notices of the proposed changes have been given to the monthly meetings at least three months prior to the Yearly Meeting sessions.