Local Outreach

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The NWYM Board of Local Outreach is comprised of Friends with gifts, passion and expertise in outreach ministries. This board encourages the work of calling people into life-changing relationships with Jesus Christ, fostering the growth of NWYM churches and promoting peacemaking, social justice and compassionate service in the Northwest. Specific responsibilities include:

  • Develop consistent language to identify the corporate expressions of Body life that are developing within NWYM
  • Develop a procedure that enables our non-traditional faith communities to become officially recognized as “local churches” with appropriate privileges and responsibilities within NWYM
  • Provide resources and training for local faith communities to effectively build bridges of outreach by utilizing evangelism, teaching, compassion, peacemaking and other tools relevant to the needs of their communities
  • Support and communicate to others effective and creative outreach efforts that are operating in NWYM
  • Through resources and training, help our local faith communities effectively share the Good News of Jesus Christ with others and to call people into lifestyles of committed discipleship and Christian community
  • Research and consider developing volunteer options for NWYM people that will encourage both a culture of service and life-long commitment to social concerns/evangelism
    • Disseminate information on compatible ministry options in the Northwest
    • In cooperation with interested NWYM churches, create internships, community houses, and ministry programs that would provide a period of dedicated service for young people out of high school
  • Encourage existing and possibly new service opportunities for retired and otherwise liberated Friends—i.e. Volunteers on Wheels (VOW)
  • Provide education, resources and suggested action for Friends to consider in regard to specific social justice, peace and moral issues in the Northwest—i.e. prison ministries, compassionate services, disaster or poverty relief, peacemaking and justice
  • In cooperation with the NWYM staff, revise a church planting culture and strategy for NWYM
    • Encourage existing NWYM churches and Areas to consider establishing new faith communities
    • Continue to develop Simple/House/Other church models that are fully integrated into NWYM through another local church when possible
    • Advance the work of Hispanic and other cross-cultural church planting in a way that leads to a fully integrated Yearly Meeting
    • Develop a strategy for identifying, equipping and releasing church planters
    • Continue to maintain and monitor the progress of new faith communities and take prompt action if any one of them is not effectively following established guidelines