Internship Funding

The mission of the Board of Leadership Development and Enrichment states:

We continue to be focused on leadership development of all ages. Partnering with local churches is critical as we prepare leaders to carry out the mission of Jesus Christ throughout NWYM and beyond. Creating effective leadership support systems for our churches will help to increase our overall leadership capacity within the yearly meeting. We envision developing young leaders who will have the vision to effectively lead our churches in order to meet the spiritual needs of people in the 21st century.

One of the ways we are encouraging leadership development is by awarding a small amount of financial assistance to local churches who are developing leaders through specific short-term internship-type projects within the church. The types of projects may include: a youth intern for a summer program; someone setting up a specific program in a church, etc. The financial assistance is only meant to provide a small monetary amount of what the church has already or will commit to the intern for the specified project. It is hoped that through these kinds of short-term ministry experiences, the church is developing the future leadership to carry on the mission of the local congregations and Northwest Yearly Meeting.

If you would like to apply for internship funding, please use the Online Internship Funding Application.