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The NWYM Board of Elders is a wise, discerning, and spiritually mature group of Friends who help encourage the overall, spiritual welfare of NWYM. Specifically, they:

  • Pray diligently for the ministry of NWYM individuals and churches
  • Serve in an advisory capacity to the General Superintendent, Yearly Meeting clerks, and NWYM, as a whole
  • Reflect prayerfully on the needs of the NWYM faith communities and Yearly Meeting activities and lay concerns before representatives, boards or other organizations as the Spirit may direct
  • Respond to crises and serve as peacemakers in NWYM, offering and implementing a process for reconciliation as needed.
  • Oversee matters of church discipline and doctrinal dispute
  • In the case of moral failure among pastoral ministers, establish and oversee a process for assisting the church, discerning any necessary steps of discipline and the restoration of the those involved
  • Redesign a clear and helpful application process and guidelines for maintaining a NWYM annual minister’s license
  • Issue annual licenses for all non-recorded, NWYM pastors and other ministers
  • Act on recommendations received from the Board of Leadership Development (or subcommittee) for the credentialing of ministers, and make appropriate recommendations to NWYM
  • Disseminate and review annual accountability forms to each NWYM local fellowship. In cooperation with other boards, respond to needs, questions, requests for assistance
  • Choose Yearly Meeting speaker(s) and select worship planning team members
  • Make policies concerning the Yearly Meeting sessions in consultation with the Yearly Meeting clerks and the General Superintendent
  • Consider the request of a minister or other member who wishes to be liberated for short-term service outside the Yearly Meeting
  • Assist in redesigning and maintaining the NWYM Elder’s Handbook
  • Provide assistance, counsel, support to local church elders
  • Nominate nine persons to serve with the Presiding Clerk, Assistant Presiding Clerk and General Superintendent on the NWYM Administrative Council, and forward recommendations to the Yearly Meeting in session.
  • Oversee the Beebe Fund, established for the support of pastors in need of counseling assistance