Share Call

The Share Call is a means of enabling the entire Yearly Meeting to be a part of financially assisting a local congregation to complete a building project. The ground rules of a Share Call are as follows:

  • The Share Call is given to assist in finishing the end of a building project.
  • The receipts from a Share Call are to be used to purchase items that are needed to make the building usable. First priority will be given to those needs crucial to the use of facilities – that is, roofs, furnaces, floors, plumbing, etc. The Share Call will not generally be used for updating, or beautification projects.
  • A proposal documenting the nature of the building project and how the Share Call will enable the congregation to make the facility usable must be approved by the Board of Congregational Care beforea Share Call is to be given.
  • Calls will be issued two times a year, generally during the months of March and September. First priority will be given to churches working on their initial capital investments.
  • Applications are reviewed twice a year; once at Midyear Board Meetings in February, and once at Yearly Meeting sessions in July. Applications need to be in one month prior to these events

Downloadable Application (pdf format)